Apex K.K.(エイペックス K.K.)

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Apex is an executive search firm based in Tokyo, specializing in the recruitment of bilingual professionals from mid to senior level management positions. We work closely with multinational companies already established in Japan, as well as start-ups looking to grow within the Japanese market. Our clients include many of the world’s top global companies as well as smaller up and coming businesses.

エイペックス株式会社(Apex K.K.)は東京に本社を置く、中間管理職以上に特化した転職支援・人材紹介を行っています。有名な多国籍企業だけでなく、日本市場で成長を望む新規企業の案件も多数紹介しています。弊社の顧客は、世界有数の世界的なトップブランド企業だけでなく、小規模の新興企業ともお取引をさせていただいております。

Why work for us

We stay at the top of our industry by knowing what happens at the top of the industries we serve.
We make optimum use of our talents and resources, and respect the expertise of our business partners. Our reputation is that of a firm trusted for dedication, efficiency, integrity and successful results.

We offer:

●A Diverse Workplace
With around 40% of the office being female, we also have representations from over 15 nationalities

●Training and Development
We have an in depth training orientation and focus on continuous learning and development. We support our employees in their career progression.

●An Open Atmosphere
Apex operates with a very flat organizational structure, which promotes communication and collaboration across the entire company

●Events & Holidays
We enjoy team bonding, holidays and seasonal events, company trips, weekly meetings to encourage openness and communication, and extra company yearly holidays.

●Flex Time
We understand that schedules can vary and work life balance is important, so we offer flexible hours to our employees.

●Food and Beverage
Employees at Apex enjoy a lounge fully stocked with fruits, coffee and tea, and alcoholic beverages for Friday company wide meetings.

●Self Development
We want our employees to be at their best so we provide support for self-development outside of the workplace.

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