Customer Success for SaaS Products(到期)

日本 东京都
全职 / 有工作经验者 (非管理层)


  • 英语: 熟练(商务交流) (preferred)
  • 日语: 母语水准 (preferred)
  • 目前必须住在日本


Customer Success for SaaS Products

【Job Description】
Provide customer success support for our client's SaaS products.
We respond to user inquiries via phone, chat, and email.
We don't just provide answers, we understand users' true needs and make optimal proposals from a wide range of products, contributing to the success of companies that adopt SaaS.
Support for Japanese users of foreign payment services is provided in Japanese, with internal documents in English.
We handle around 10 inquiries a day, and take each inquiry seriously, increasing engagement with companies that adopt the service.

・Not only can you acquire knowledge about the operation of advanced SaaS, but you can also improve your proposal skills by making optimal proposals to customers.
・You will be involved in customer success for companies and services in a variety of industries, so your knowledge and skills will improve in many areas.
・Client products are updated daily to keep up with economic and global business trends, so you can feel the speed and use it to grow as a person.

・Work in a global environment with bilingual English-Japanese team members from over 15 countries
・Our team is highly respected among vendors around the world for its high level of customer satisfaction!

Take advantage of this opportunity to become part of a world-leading SaaS company and contribute to the success of our client companies!

【Application requirements】

・ Junior college graduates or those who are expected to graduate
・At least 1 year of experience in dealing with customers (sales, customer service, etc.)
 (New graduates must have long-term internship experience)
・Japanese skills: Native level
 *Able to read, write and speak Japanese fluently and clearly
 *Must be able to communicate in Japanese
・English skills︓Business level (TOEIC 650 points) or equivalent (fast reading comprehension)
・Business PC skills, IT literacy
 -Touch typing, business email, Excel, PPT, Word (creation and input)
 -IT and Internet literacy to the extent that you can research and use the information by yourself

・ Experience in data analysis and numerical management
・ Call center experience
・ Experience in team management and training

・ Someone who has the ability to tackle complex problems with logical thinking
・Someone who values ​​empathy for others and is flexible in responding to change
・ Someone who is interested in technology and passionate about improving customer experience
・ Someone who empathizes with our mission and can turn customer success into joy and fulfillment

​Monthly salary 250,000 yen - 340,000 yen including fixed overtime hours of 30 hours per month (45,700 yen - 62,000 yen per month)
Salary increase/bonus: Yes/No

【Work location】
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

【Working hours】
Shift system
Work 8 hours between 9:00 and 20:00
(Pattern ①9:00~18:00 / ②11:00~20:00)
*Overtime is about 10~20 hours per month. Because it is a shift system, it rarely occurs.
*During training (about 3 months), you will only work from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays

【Holidays and Vacation】
Shift work 5 days a week (2 days off per week)
*Shift work includes weekends, national holidays, New Year's holidays, Golden Week, etc.
*Special leave and paid leave (can be taken in 1-day, half-day, or hourly increments) available

・Social insurance
・Salary increases
・Commuting allowance (up to 30,000 yen per month)
・Health checkup (basic items + options for women)
・Nursing care leave
・Maternity leave/childcare leave *100% of all employees, both men and women, have taken maternity/childcare leave
 -Maternity and childcare leave follow-up system
・Rest room and nap room
・Free drinks, office convenience store, etc.
・Leave welcome back system
・Support system for exchanges between bases and departments
・Stockholding system

■Training system/career support system
・New model business creation system
・Qualification acquisition support system
・Foreign language learning support system
・Internal recruitment system
・Internal study abroad system
・Intention Declaration System
・Goal/action feedback system
・Review (1on1)
・All-company meeting once a quarter
・Publication of mid-term management plan
・Various committee systems
・Club activities, etc.

※This job offer is for City Computer, as a recruitment agency, to support employment at client companies.










・日本語能力JLPT N1必須


月給 25万円 〜 34万円 固定残業時間月30時間分を含む(月45,700円~62,000円)


■勤務時間 シフト制
9:00~20:00のうち8時間勤務(①9:00~18:00 / ②11:00~20:00)

■週5日シフト制勤務 (週休2日制)

・産前休暇/育児休暇 ※取得率100% 男女共実績多数

・部活動 など


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