Talent Acquisition/Human Resources. タレントアクイジション/ヒューマンリソース

Kinder Kids International Preschool (キンダーキッズインターナショナル)

Kinder Kids International Preschool (キンダーキッズインターナショナル)

Osaka, 大阪, 日本
全职 / 主管(经理/管理层)
JP¥300,000 ~ JP¥350,000/月


  • 英语: 母语水准 (preferred)
  • 日语: 熟练(商务交流) (preferred)
  • 目前必须住在日本
  • Navigate challenges: Embrace challenges and always look for the win.
  • Deliver positive outcomes: Everything we do should have positive outcomes for our children, each other and society.
  • Encourage your team: Encourage your team and everyone around you to do their best.
  • Reflect often: If we reflect and learn, we can turn something negative into something positive.
  • Improve everything: Everything can be made better, our teaching, our team, our schools and ourselves.


Kinder Kids International School (KKIS) is a global educational establishment with a presence in Japan, Canada, and Hawaii.

Established in the year 2000, KKIS was founded to change the way we approach Early Childhood Education and challenge the status quo. We have an excellent reputation and a proven track record and believe in preparing our children for the future globalised world with a deep respect for our native culture and an equal respect for other cultures too.

With a global presence and a passion for high quality education, KKIS is able to collaborate with an educational team from all over the world (60 plus nationalities) and bring an education that is truly unique, independent and far reaching.

Children should be in a school that keeps them safe and allows them to IMAGINE, EXPLORE and CREATE. Our independent curriculum is designed to do just that. As the school educates the future members of our society, we believe that we should be active members of the community and make positive contributions, prepare the children for the future and role model excellence.

Job Description
At Kinder Kids our people are our most important asset. We’re looking for a highly skilled recruiter to join our team to help us find the best furute educators to join our growing company.

The ideal candidate will have prior experience in recruitment or human resources, with knowledge of screening, interviewing, and hiring practices. If you have a passion for finding untapped talent, driving company growth, and helping individuals find promising careers, we want to hear from you.

Objectives of this Role
- Work closely with managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s hiring needs for each position, and meet competitive hiring goals and expectations
- Manage the full recruitment life cycle across a variety of open roles helping management find, hire, and retain quality talent
- Grow and foster high-touch relationships with a database of qualified active and passive talent to pull from as new positions open up
- Continuously partner with recruiting team and senior managers to design, refine, and implement innovative recruiting strategies
- Stay active with current with job boards, social networks, and platforms to find talent, and plan, create, and release job descriptions and announcements

Daily and Weekly Responsibilities
- Work and form relationships with internal management teams to know the ins and outs of their departments and better understand their hiring needs and job specifications
- Develop and release job postings on a platforms, such as social media and job boards
- Utilize knowledge of multiple recruiting sources and execute innovative recruiting strategies to find quality candidates and prospect for new business
- Screen resumes and prospects, qualify, interview, and manage candidates throughout interview process from prepping before interviews to assisting with final offer negotiation
- Maintain a database of candidate records, including active and passive prospects, hired and fired employees, and other candidate relationships
- Follow up on interview process status and update records in internal database
- Provide coaching and guidance to more junior level recruiting staff

Skills and Qualifications
- 2+ years’ experience in recruitment or human resources
- Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and decision-making skills
- Native level Japanese language ability (JPLT N1)
- High English ability equivalent to TOEIC 850 or higher (native English speakers welcome)
- Knowledge of the Education Industry
- Advanced knowledge of MS Office or G Suite, database management, and internet search
- Familiarity with job boards, and HR software, databases, and management systems
- Proven experience conducting various types of interviews (i.e., phone, video, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications
- Proficiency with content management systems
- Experience developing recruiting strategy
- Desire to grow professionally with networking and ongoing training opportunities

We look forward to receiving your application. If successful you will be invited to in-person or online interview. Note that there are multiple stages to the interview process for any full-time position. 

If you are serious, WILLING TO WORK HARD, and ready TO TAKE ON A CHALLENGE, we are waiting to receive your application.

We are looking forward to receiving your application.







- マネージャーと協力し、各ポジションの雇用ニーズを包括的に把握し、高い採用目標と期待値を実現する
- マネージメントが質の高い人材を発掘、雇用、維持できるように、多岐にわたる求人採用の一連の過程を管理する
- 新規の求人募集時に、積極性・消極性などの人材情報を参照できるようにするため、データベースの充実と活用を図る
- 採用チーム及びシニアマネージャーと継続的に連携し、革新的な採用戦略を企画、改良、実行する
- 既存の求人掲示板、ソーシャルネットワーク、プラットフォームを活用し、タイムリーかつ積極的に人材を探し、求人募集の計画、作成、公開を行う

- 各部署の内部情報を把握し、雇用のニーズと仕事内容を理解するために、社内のマネージメントチームと連携しながら業務を行う
- ソーシャルメディアや求人掲示板などのプラットフォームで求人募集を作成し、公開する
- 多様な採用ソースの知識を活用した革新的な採用戦略を実行することで有能な人材を発掘し、新規事業への見込みを立てる
- 面接前の準備から最終的な契約交渉のサポートまで、一連の面接プロセスを通して、履歴書・適性審査、評価、面談、応募者の管理を行う
- 積極性・消極性、雇用・解雇、その他採用者関連の記録用データベースを管理する
- 面接プロセスのステータス管理と内部データベースの記録を更新する
- 経験の浅い採用スタッフへの指導・指示を行う

- 人材採用やHRで2年以上の経験を有する方
- 優れたコミュニケーション能力、対人能力、意思決定能力を有する方
- ネイティブレベルの日本語能力(JPLT N1)を有する方
- TOEIC 850点以上相当(英語ネイティブスピーカー歓迎)の高い英語力を有する方
- 教育業界に関する知識を有する方
- MS OfficeまたはG Suite、データベース管理、インターネット検索に関する高度な知識を有する方
- 求人掲示板、HRソフトウェア、データベース、管理システムに関する知識を有する方
- 様々なタイプの面接を実施した経験のある方(例:電話、ビデオなど)

- コンテンツ管理システムに関する専門知識を有する方
- 採用戦略の企画経験を有する方
- 人脈と継続的な研修機会を活用し専門的に成長したいという強い気持ちを有する方




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