Bilingual Staff at a soon-to-be-opening restaurant in central Tokyo(期限切れ)

Whaves Inc. | 株式会社ウェイブズ

Whaves Inc. | 株式会社ウェイブズ

東京都 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-Ku
食品 / 飲料
パート・アルバイト / 新卒・第二新卒
時給 1,100円 ~ 1,100円


  • 英語: 中級(日常会話レベル)
  • 日本語: 中級(日常会話レベル)
  • 現在日本在住の方に限ります
  • Vaild visa (Spouse, Permanent Resident, Long-Term Resident, Working-holiday, or Student and Dependent with a work permit)


Come join the hospitality industry as Bilingual Staff at an ambitious and soon-to-be-opening restaurant "Oriental restaurant Textura Yurakucho" in central Tokyo.

Whaves Inc. is a growing company, managing 13 restaurants and cafe/bars, and looking for bilingual staff (English and Japanese) for our new restaurant from April 2019. Located on the first floor of“Yurakucho Denki building” just behind The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo in downtown Tokyo and surrounded by skyscrapers and popular shopping areas…this means the workplace is in the center of one of the greatest cities for gourmets in the world.

Foreign applicants are extremely welcome because we are expecting many guests from overseas such as travelers and business people. Off course, a lot of Japanese foodies are coming too!

Conversational English and Japanese are required. But you will receive training for the appropriate Japanese phrases to help you get started. Naturally, additional proficiency in other languages is a welcome plus!

In our company, we accept new staff as our “allies”, and we greatly value education and development. We can help each other to improve, so you can come to work without worries as our team looks out for each other.

We hope you will give us new ideas for guest satisfaction, and together, let’s make this new venue a fantastic destination!

What is "Oriental restaurant Textura Yurakucho"?
The themes of our new venue is “innovative oriental”, “high class, high energy”, and we aim to spread new value to the market of food & drink in Tokyo with the expertise of our grand chef for two Chinese restaurants “Tokyo Chinese Ichirin” and “Kamakura Ichirin hanare” which are always fully-booked, along with the top chef of our Spanish restaurants together.

This new restaurant near Marunouchi and Ginza has three sides. The bar will produce a strong liveliness and presence, while the “casual zone” will be welcoming visitors with a more relaxed vibe. Meanwhile the “restaurant zone” will be serving full course meals through guest reservations. The total capacity of this venue will be up to 80.

Hall staff;
-Help our main staff by serving foreign guests in English such as explaining the menu, serving dishes, and so on. Attention to "hospitality" arrival to departing is crucial, in order to create a community of repeat business.
-You will serve Japanese visitors as well.
-Of course, after you get the "swing of things", you may also be promoted to "main staff".

Kitchen staff;
-Prep the food, help chefs cook, wash the dishes and so on in the kitchen.
-Participate in planning the new menus.

*You can gain experience and knowledge through this work like below;
-Knowledge: wines, gourmet ingredients, meat, fish, vegetables, gourmet cheese, and tableware
-Skills: kitchen knife handling, buying and judging ingredients, noodle making, and table-setting techniques
-Restaurant planning and management related to a new opening, menu planning, and so on

*You will be assigned to either of the hall or kitchen according to your choice and experience.

- English: conversational
- Japanese: conversational
- Must reside in Japan
- Vaild visa (Spouse, Permanent Resident, Long-Term Resident, Working-holiday, or Student and Dependent with a work permit)
- Experience in hospitality work (but if you are motivated, then no experience is also welcome!)
*Restaurant experience is veeeery welcome!

*Those who want to work on professional cooking or food business are especially wanted!
Working at a unique and professional restaurant is the best way to learn the industry. Gourmet restaurants are not only places to be trained. The people working for our company really love cooking and food, and we are always teaching and learning together to create beautiful synergistic development!

*We are looking for applicants such as:
-those who have the ambition to have their own restaurant in the future
-those who like working in the hospitality industry
-those who want to make a lovely working environment better
-those who can work hard and take pride in great service

Hourly wage: ¥1,100
*Raise and promotion possibilities
*The first 30 working days are probation period with hourly wage ¥1,000.
From the 31st working day, you will begin to receive ¥1,100/h.
*Midnight allowance: from 10pm on, the hourly wage gets +25% more.
*Overtime pay

<Working days and hours>
-Shift (from 3 days)
-At least 6 hours, between 10am and 11:30pm
*Those who can work only partly, such as lunch time or dinner time are welcome to apply.
*If you prefer full-time, let’s discuss it together!

-Shift based on self-declared availability*
*We are happy to arrange the shift according to your schedules.

-Full transportation paid
-Staff meals or meal allowance
-Uniform provided
-Ability to be promoted to Seishain (Japanese style permanent employment with benefits)

・東京の中心の野心的な新店レストラン「オリエンタルレストラン TEXTURA ~テクストゥーラ~有楽町」で、本気で飲食に取り組めます!





*「オリエンタルレストラン TEXTURA ~テクストゥーラ~有楽町」とは?
新店舗のテーマは「イノベイティブ オリエンタル」「ハイクラス・ハイテンション」。半年先まで予約が入る話題の人気店「東京チャイニーズ 一凛」「鎌倉イチリンハナレ」のグランシェフ齋藤と、当社のスペインバル業態のトップシェフがタッグを組み、まったく新しい「イチリン中華とネオスパニッシュの融合」を東京の外食マーケットに発信していきます。






・英語: 日常会話
・日本語: 日常会話
・接客業務経験 (意欲的な未経験者も歓迎)



-シフト制 (週3日勤務)





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