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Restaurant staff (bilingual service & bartender & kitchen staff) (expired)

Product Of Time Group

Product Of Time Group

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千代田区, Tokyo, Japan
Post date
Nov 24, 2023
Tourism / Travel / Hospitality
Waiter / Waitress, Bartender, Hall Staff
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥300,000 ~ ¥380,000 / Month
  • ※You are able to work in part-time (1,350JPY~ per hour)


  • English: Business level (preferred)
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Tattoo OK タトゥーOK
  • Valid working visa ビザ保持必須 
  • Recent photo 写真必須


We are looking for bilingual service staff, bartender and kitchen staff at Spanish restaurant and Bistro.
We are looking for new colleagues who share our values; “It’s meaningless if it isn’t fun”.

<Seafood and tapas restaurant "Lubina Hibiya">
We are the Spanish restaurant opened in a corner of “Tokyo Midtown Hibiya”.
Lubina Hibiya is a seafood and tapas restaurant that has uniqueness and tradition, where you can enjoy contemporary Spanish cuisine in a modern classic atmosphere.
We also provide Lubina’s Spanish food that is influenced by regional ingredients and flavor from the Mediterranean with not only wine and cider from various parts of Spain, but also unique craft cocktails and a large variety of new world wine.

<WINE & Belgian Beer “Hemel MIYAMASU“>
Charcoal-grilled bistro with charcuterie, Belgian beer and wine!
We have 70 kinds of Belgian beer and 70 kinds of wine, and our meals are mainly charcuterie and char-grilled dishes.

French bistro with authentic charcuterie, craft beer and wine!
We have 8 taps of craft beer and 80 kinds of wine, and our meals are mainly charcuterie and char-grilled dishes based on French bistro.

This offer is for bilingual service staff, bartender and kitchen staff.
<bilingual service staff who can speak English and Japanese>
You concentrate on how customers will be happy and have a good time at the restaurant. That will enhance the quality of the restaurant.
We are looking for people who can provide service with high hospitality that will remain in customer's mind.

<bartender who can speak English and Japanese>
You are in charge of hall operations, cocktail serving, and staff training.
You will provide hospitable service that warms our guest’s hearts and suggest cocktails that suit their tastes.

<kitchen staff>
You are in charge of all the cooking process; preparation, cooking, serving, and washing up.
We are looking for a person with experience in cooking not only Western meals but also various other types of food.

From France, Viet Nam, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru and Japan etc, multinational staff are enrolled, and they operate together by giving each other’s ideas.
Aiming for “international and happy team”, we regularly have a party with international members!

Job description
<Restaurant name& Location>
 ・Lubina Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
 ・WINE & Belgian Beer Hemel Miyamasu Miyamasuzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo
 ・WINE & CRAFT BEER BISTRO Miyamasu Shinbashi Shinbashi, Minato, Tokyo
 ・Full time
< Position&Salary >
 ・Service staff
 ・Kitchen staff
 300,000~380,000 JPY per month
  ※We decide about your salary according to the ability.
  ※Salary Increase two time per year
  ※Performance bonus two time per year
  ※Overtime allowance
  ※Midnight work allowance
  ※You are able to opportunities for salary increases and promotions regardless of age or career.
  ※You are able to work in part-time (1,350JPY~ per hour)
<Working hour>
 9:00-24:00 Shift system
  ※Early shift or middle shift or late shift, with intermission, the actual work is eight hours.
  ※Please contact us for details, as they vary slightly each restaurant!
  ※We will pay overtime in 1 minute increments.
  ※We will consider the last train time.
 ・5 day work week
 ・A paid holiday (10 days for the first year)
 ・Summer and Winter holidays (each 5 days)
 ・Special leave for weddings, funerals, maternity, postpartum and childcare.
 ・Social insurance(Medical, Pension, Employment Insurance etc)
 ・Transportation Fee provided (up to 30,000 yen per month)
 ・Company housing with appliances available (for those who work until the end of the day)
 ・Subsidy for moving expenses
 ・Meals available
 ・Employee discount
 ・Health checkup
 ・Monthly ES survey
 ・Birthday Gifts
 ・Thanksgiving Gifts
 ・Beverage Seminars (Sake, Craft Beer, Wine, Natural Wine)
 ・Beverage Tours (Sake Breweries, Craft Beer Breweries, Winery Tours)
 ・Cooking Competition
 ・Service study sessions
 ・Domestic and international tours
 ・Subsidies for certification examinations (sommelier, SAKE diploma, beer taster)
 ・Company trip (choice of three destinations)
  ~Travel destinations for the current fiscal year
   Okinawa Watakashiki Island, Izu glamping, and skiing and snowboarding at Appi Kogen
 ・Club activities (fishing club, futsal club, surfing club, etc.) (voluntary participation system)

We will support you to challenge in Japan.
Our interviews will be available on Saturdays, Sundays, weekday nights,
Zoom or face-to-face at your convenience.
We wait for your application.


<シーフードスパニッシュ&タパス「Lubina Hibiya」>

<WINE & Belgian Beer 「Hemel ミヤマス」>

本格シャルキュトリー × クラフトビール × ワインのフレンチビストロ!





 ・シーフードスパニッシュ&タパス Lubina     東京都千代田区有楽町
 ・WINE & Belgian Beer Hemel ミヤマス    東京都渋谷区宮益坂
 ・WINE & CRAFT BEER BISTRO ミヤマス新橋 東京都港区新橋
   沖縄 渡嘉敷島/伊豆グランピング/安比高原スキースノボ


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