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Reservations, Sales and Revenue Manager (expired)



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Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan
Post date
Oct 31, 2022
Tourism / Travel / Hospitality
Sales Management, Sales Planning
Work Type
Full Time / Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)
¥4.5M ~ ¥5.5M / Year
  • Negotiable


  • English: Fluent (preferred)
  • Visa sponsorship available


We are looking for a Reservations, Revenue and Sales Manager to join our team of driven professionals and live by the mantra, work hard, play hard. We are an exponentially growing property development business that specialises in premium residential property. NISADE is seeking an outgoing Reservations Revenue and Sales Manager to join the growing team.

The reservations & revenue manager role is an intrinsic role to the overall operations of the Property Management department of NISADE. Your primary role is to manage rates, discounts and inventory to maximise revenue generated through the reservations and sales team. You must effectively supervise the reservations team to meet and exceed the company’s target revenue. The successful candidate must demonstrate leadership, strong analytical skills, and be extremely comfortable compiling and manipulating data. In addition, your previous roles must clearly demonstrate your strong communication skills and possess a high standard of presentation and exceptional customer service skills. You will have an attitude and motivation to succeed while enjoying everything Niseko has to offer. In short - we are looking for a team member who wants the satisfaction of delivering results whilst having a great time



Main Duties:

- Managing the Reservations and Guest Services Sales departments, responsible for the following task areas:
- Process reservations in a timely and accurate manner including sending reservation and confirmation letters
- Answer incoming calls and assist with reservations, confirmations, room need requests, and questions.
- Maintain knowledge of current resort events, activities, and hours of operation as well as dining options currently available.
- Provide information regarding rental availabilities and guest services and rental availabilities over the phone, via email
- Greet guests warmly and perform registration procedures as required
- Management of the company’s reservation software system
- Prepare monthly Occupancy, Revenue & Reservation reports & analysis
- Suggest improvements to departmental reporting, systems & procedures
- Responsible for implementing strategies to maximize the revenue of all NISADE properties
- Responsible for the deployment of training, and the right tools and you make sure that all Revenue Management processes are in place.
- Perform strategic analysis to optimize sales
- Monitor the market and competitors in pricing and adjust the strategy.
- Optimize revenue based operational constraints.
- Help NISADE to meet and exceed their target revenue.
- Manage the Customer database
- Communicate weekly with the reservation and guest services team
- Communicate as necessary with the front office team during winter
- Sell process and enter and confirm room reservations using selling techniques and strategies.
- Assist guests with issues and complaints, with empathy and a focus on guest satisfaction.
- Managing the administration and reconciliation of prepaid & post checkouts / authorised credit card guest payments
- Managing the administration and reconciliation of all relevant supplier invoices
- Bank Account Record and Receipting
- Credit Card Processing and Reconciliation
- Managing all Supplier and Utility Invoice Reconciliation and Calculation of Charges
- General Transfer Reconciliation and Supplier Payments
- Coordination of all administration tasks relating to lease related matters and bond funds
- Ensuring compliance with property management letting obligations
- Updating and ongoing maintenance of property databases
- Preparation of monthly accounts reconciliation
- Tenant invoicing and management of tenancy contracts
- Accurate and timely delivery of required reporting

- 予約部門とゲストサービス営業部門を管理し、以下のタスク領域を担当する。
- 予約と確認書の送付を含む、タイムリーで正確な予約の処理
- 電話対応をし、予約、確認、部屋への要求、質問などをサポートする。
- リゾートのイベント、アクティビティ、営業時間、ダイニングオプションなどに関する知識を深める。
- 電話、Eメールでのゲストサービス、レンタルの空き状況についての情報提供
- ゲストを温かく迎え、必要に応じて登録手続きを行う。
- 会社の予約ソフトウェアシステムの管理
- 月次の稼働率、収益、予約状況レポートの作成と分析
- 部門別報告書、システム、手順の改善提案
- NISADEの全施設の収益を最大化するための戦略実行
- トレーニング、適切なツールの展開に責任を持ち、すべてのレベニューマネジメントプロセスが整っていることを確認する。
- 売上を最適化するための戦略的な分析を行う
- 価格設定において市場や競合他社をモニターし、戦略を調整する。
- オペレーション上の制約に基づき、収益を最適化する
- NISADEが目標収益を達成し、それを超えるよう支援する。
- 顧客データベースの管理
- 予約・ゲストサービスチームとの週次コミュニケーション
- 冬期はフロントオフィスチームと必要に応じてコミュニケーション
- 販売テクニックと戦略を駆使して、販売プロセス、客室予約の入力と確認を行う。
- ゲストの問題やクレームに対して、共感し、ゲストの満足度を重視したアシストを行う。
- プリペイドカードやポストチェックアウト、クレジットカードの支払いに関する管理および照合の管理
- サプライヤーからのインボイスの管理・調整
- 銀行口座の記録と領収書発行
- クレジットカードの処理と照合
- すべてのサプライヤーとユーティリティーの請求書の照合と料金の計算の管理
- 一般的な送金の調整とサプライヤーへの支払い
- リース関連事項及びボンドファンドに関する全ての管理業務の調整
- 不動産管理における賃貸義務の遵守の確認
- 物件データベースの更新と継続的なメンテナンス
- 月次決算の調整
- テナントへの請求書発行及びテナント契約の管理
- 必要な報告書の正確かつタイムリーな提出


- Fluent English
- Conversational Japanese preferred
- Demonstrate prior customer service with strong referees
- Comprehensive skills in Microsoft
- Ability to work under pressure
- Multi-task and autonomous worker

- 英語ネイティブ
- 日本語が話せると尚可
- 顧客サービスの実績があり、強い推薦者がいること
- マイクロソフトの総合的なスキル
- プレッシャーの中で仕事をする能力
- マルチタスクと自律的な作業者


- The chance to lead a great team through a period of massive growth
- The opportunity to make a difference to every customer
- Working in a friendly and successful team environment
- Comprehensive training and introduction programs
- Recognition program for your talents and contribution
- Access to ski lift passes
- Employee discounts to some resorts and activities
- Unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance, health insurance, and welfare pension insurance are available
- Average of 120 days off per year

- 大きな成長期を迎えた素晴らしいチームを率いるチャンス
- すべてのお客様に貢献する機会
- 友好的で成功したチーム環境での仕事
- 包括的なトレーニングおよび導入プログラム
- あなたの才能と貢献に対する表彰制度
- スキー場のリフト券の利用
- 一部のリゾートやアクティビティでの従業員割引
- 雇用保険、労災、健康保険、厚生年金 の加入可能
- 平均年休120日

Please apply today, and then take a look at our beautiful properties in Hokkaido!

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