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Neo Japanese-Pub Restaurant staff (service staff & cooking staff) (expired)

Product Of Time Group

Product Of Time Group

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Tokyo, Japan
Post date
Oct 11, 2022
Food and Beverage
Waiter / Waitress, Bartender, Hall Staff
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥270,000 ~ ¥380,000 / Month
  • You are able to work in part-time (1,100~1,788 JPY per hour)


  • English: Business level (preferred)
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Tattoo OK タトゥーOK
  • Valid working visa ビザ保持必須
  • Recent photo 写真必須


We are looking for service staff and cooking staff for Neo Japanese-pub restaurant "BEETLE" , "Beer-juku MARIBANA", "The office" and "Noodle House Laundry"!
We’ll work together as “One team” after the COVID-19 pandemic!

Neo Japanese-pub restaurant "BEETLE"
This brand is the restaurant with the concept of "a space of relaxation" for
those in their 40s called "children of baby boomers".
We named this brand by associating the appearance of “People visit bar” with
the habit of "Beetles gather in trees for honey".
There are the counter shaped “big U” imagined nostalgic Showa period with
the design full of cleanliness and bright atmosphere.
Such as "Potato salad", "Edamame (with garlic oil)", "Oden", and "Stew with
tripe", you can take easily representative Japanese menu.

Beer-juku MARIBANA
It’s a new type of restaurant where you can enjoy original Japanese-style dishes and 12 Taps of craft beer from Japan and overseas.
Hot in Sangenjaya, and we’ve opened new restaurant in Shibuya and in Oimachi.

The Office
In July of last year, we opened a new type of restaurant at Ebisu with the concept of an adult hidden bar where you can enjoy a variety of craft beers.

Noodle House Laundry
In April, we opened a new type of restaurant inside Tokyo Station with the concept of Asian x Craft Beer x Nostalgic Bar.
At lunch time, the restaurant will be a noodle restaurant, serving noodle dishes from Thailand and other Asian countries, and at night, it will be a dining bar, serving creative Asian and Japanese cuisine and craft beer.

This offer is for service staff and cooking staff.
-Service staff
You will be in charge of serving customers over the counter, which is a characteristic of this restaurant, and dishing up the food.
-Cooking staff
You will be in charge of cooking in general. Applicants with experiences for not only Japanese food but also cooks of various business types will be welcome.

Since we will open many branches in the future, you have opportunities to be executives.
As this category continues to open more restaurants, you also have the opportunity to become an executive manager.

From Spain, Danmark, Serbia, Thailand, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru and Japan etc, multinational staff are enrolled, and they operate together by giving each other’s ideas.
Aiming for “international and happy team”, we regularly have a party with international members!

Job description
<Restaurant name& Location>
 ・BEETLE Kamata       Ota, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Kamatahigashi  Ota, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Gotanda       Shinagawa, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Harajuku      Shibuya, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Tamachi       Minato, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Urawa         Saitama, Saitama
 ・BEETLE Urayasu       Urayasu, Chiba
 ・BEETLE in forest       Nagareyama, Chiba
 ・BEETLE Sendai        Sendai, Miyagi
 ・Beer-juku MARIBANA Sangenchaya Setagaya, Tokyo
 ・Beer-juku MARIBANA Dogenzaka   Shibuya, Tokyo
 ・Beer-juku MARIBANA Ooimachi    Shinagawa, Tokyo
 ・The Office           Shibuya, Tokyo
 ・Laundry             Fujisawa, Kanagawa
 ・Noodle House Laundry  Chiyoda, Tokyo
 ・Full time
< Position&Salary >
 ・Cooking staff & Service staff
 270,000~380,000 JPY per month
 ※We decide about your salary according to the ability.
 ※Probation Period is two months.
 ※Salary Increase two time per year
 ※Performance bonus two time per year
 ※Overtime allowance
 ※Midnight work allowance
 ※You are able to opportunities for salary increases and promotions regardless of age or career.
 ※You are able to work in part-time (1,100~1,788 JPY per hour)
<Working hour>
 ・11:00-25:00 Shift system
 ※Early shift or late shift, with intermission, the actual work is eight hours.
 ※We will pay overtime in 1 minute increments.
 ※We will consider the last train time.
 ・5 day work week
 ・A paid holiday
 ・Special leave for weddings and funerals
 ・Summer and Winter holidays (each 5 days)
 ・Social insurance(Medical, Pension, Employment Insurance etc)
 ・Transportation Fee provided
 ・Uniform rental
 ・Employee discount
 ・Training system
 ・Employ trip (2019 Ishigaki or Aizu or Izu)
 ・Tasting and sampling party per month
 ・Study tour, employ event(example B.B.Q party)
< Moving expenses>
 ・Brokerage fee: within 1 month
 ・Key money: within 1 month
 ・Basic charge required for moving
 The above will be paid by the company.
 ※However, if you resign within one year, the full amount of the moving expenses must be refunded; if within two years, half of them must be refunded.

We will support you to challenge in Japan.
Our interviews will be available on Saturdays, Sundays, weekday nights,
Zoom or face-to-face at your convenience.
We wait for your application.

大衆酒場“BEETLE”、麦酒宿 まり花、The officeとNoodle House Laundryで、サービススタッフとコックを募集︕


<麦酒宿 まり花>

<The office>
ストリート酒場The Officeは、昨年7月にさまざまなクラフトビールが楽しめる、大人の隠れ家的酒場をコンセプトとして恵比寿でオープンしました。

<Noodle House Laundry>




 ・大衆酒場BEETLE 蒲田本店 東京都大田区
 ・大衆酒場BEETLE 蒲田東店 東京都大田区
 ・大衆酒場BEETLE 五反田店 東京都品川区
 ・大衆食堂BEETLE 原宿店   東京都渋谷区
 ・酒場BEETLE 田町店      東京都港区
 ・大衆食堂BEETLE 浦和店   埼玉県さいたま市
 ・大衆食堂BEETLE 浦安店   千葉県浦安市
 ・大衆酒場 森のBEETLE    千葉県流山市
 ・大衆食堂BEETLE 仙台店   宮城県仙台市
 ・麦酒宿 まり花 三軒茶屋店 東京都世田谷区
 ・麦酒宿 まり花 道玄坂店  東京都渋谷区
 ・麦酒宿 まり花 大井町店  東京都品川区
 ・The Office           東京都渋谷区
 ・ランドリー             神奈川県藤沢市
 ・Noodle House Laundry  東京都千代田区

 ※アルバイトの勤務可(時給1,100~1,788 円)
 ・11:00-25:00 の時間内でシフト制
 ・仲介手数料 1ヶ月以内
 ・礼金 1ヶ月以内


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