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Web Developer - HTML, CSS, JS, PHP【based in KOBE】 (expired)



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神戸市, Hyogo, Japan
Post date
Apr 22, 2021
Software Engineer, Programmer
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥2.4M ~ ¥4.2M / Year
  • Negotiable


  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Basic
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Must have Japanese residency visa


We are currently looking for a new web developer to join our Kobe-based team, working alongside our other English-speaking development team, you would be expected to be a good collaborator, communicator, and most important of all... a competent web developer. You should be comfortable working as part of a team as well as independently to meet our project deadlines.

You would be expected to be experienced in a wide range of web development-related tasks including producing top quality, polished, optimised (handwritten) front-end HTML, CSS, JS with a number of frameworks including Bootstrap and others where appropriate or necessary. Working with custom designs produced by our internal design department, you should be comfortable working to produce designs that incorporate the Japanese language for our majoritively Japanese client base.

Our team specialises in PHP-based web development solutions, so with this in mind, we are looking for people to concentrate on this type of language (Please no ASP.NET applications please). With this in mind, you will find yourself writing custom PHP solutions for clients' needs so we would expect that the ideal candidate would have a good set of skills and experience working within this environment.

We often use WordPress as the CMS for our websites, so it would be great if you were comfortable taking your frontend code and creating a custom / editable theme with this set of technologies. Custom PHP code is often needed to extend WordPress to achieve the functionality that our clients are looking for so please keep this in mind when considering the position.

* Job @parameters
* @return array

Array (
[experience] => Array (
[0] => "3+ years of professional experience"
[1] => "Education and qualifications considered"
[skills] => Array (
[0] => "HTML5"
[1] => "CSS / SASS / Bootstrap"
[2] => "JS / jQuery"
[3] => "PHP7+ / MySQL"
[4] => "GIT / GitHub"
[5] => "WordPress 5+"
[comms] => Array (
[0] => "English (required)"
[1] => "Japanese (preferred)"
[2] => "Slack"
[3] => "Trello"
[holidays] => Array (
[0] => "Weekends"
[1] => "Summer Holidays"
[2] => "Winter Holidays"
[3] => "National Holidays"


As our internal team consists of English and Japanese native speakers, we would prefer that the ideal candidate would have the ability to speak a respectable level of Japanese which would help in projects where our Japanese only speaking staff need to get involved. While this is not a requirement of the current role, this would be required if you were to ever need to be involved with client communications.

Notes on experience
We are looking for people who can jump straight into working with us, so with this in mind, we are not currently open to applications from people who are currently looking to start learning, or those who have undertaken or are currently undertaking a short web design/web development course without a proven level of experience or ability.

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This job is no longer available.

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