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Photographer for Promoting Kyoto’s Traditional Culture / 京都の伝統文化を紹介するフォトグラファー (expired)

NIWAKA Corporation - 株式会社 俄

NIWAKA Corporation - 株式会社 俄

Job ID
Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
Post date
Mar 30, 2019
Tourism / Travel / Hospitality
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥3.0M / Year
  • Negotiable


  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Basic
  • Must currently reside in Japan


Our team is responsible for the Facebook page “Kyoto Fan”, the most popular page in the “City” category with over 10 million “likes”, as well as the website “Discover Kyoto”. In order to introduce Kyoto’s traditional culture and famous landmarks, our team’s writers, photographer, and videographer are out every week shooting around the city. As our coworker of many years leaves to return to his home country, we are accepting applications for the position of photographer able to handle shoots, photo editing, photo file management, and all other duties associated with being the exclusive Discover Kyoto photographer.

フェイスブックページのCity部門として世界一の「いいね!」数(1,000万以上)を持つ「Kyoto Fan」や、WEBサイト「Discover Kyoto」を私たちは制作・運営しています。これらのサイトで京都の伝統文化や名所を紹介するために、ライターとフォトグラファーとビデオグラファーが毎週のように京都市内を取材しています。長年担当してくれていた専属フォトグラファーが母国に帰ることになったため、写真撮影、画像加工、画像管理まで、写真に関わる全ての業務を担当するDiscover Kyoto編集部の専属フォトグラファーを募集いたします。

【Our Media】

Discover Kyoto began in 2011 as a CSR project of NIWAKA Corporation, a jewelry brand known throughout Japan. For more than seven years our team has been constantly covering Kyoto, establishing ourselves as one of the leading media teams introducing Kyoto’s culture in English to the world. In recent years we have published a book and have been featured on television, becoming more and more well-known through various media sources.
日本全国にジュエリーブランドを展開する株式会社 俄の社会貢献プロジェクトとして、Discover Kyoto編集部は2011年に誕生しました。誕生から7年以上、毎週のように京都の取材を続けており、京都文化を海外に発信する英語メディアとしては確固たるポジションを築いています。最近ではテレビや出版など多くのメディアから取材を受けており、日本国内での知名度も高まっています。

1. Facebook “Kyoto Fan”
Our Facebook page has more than 10 million “likes” as of February 2019 and is recognized as the world’s most liked Facebook page in the “City” category (according to Socialbakers).

2. YouTube “Discover Kyoto”
Our YouTube channel has more than 35,000 subscribers (as of February 2019), and its high quality videos are appreciated by many fans.

3. Instagram
We maintain a dedicated Instagram account showcasing the best and most beautiful of Kyoto’s landmarks, festivals, and nature.

4. Website “Discover Kyoto”
Building on the experience gained through social media pages, we launched the website “Discover Kyoto” to present Kyoto’s charms more in-depth to users around the world. The website is scheduled for renewal in 2019.

5. Travel Guidebook “AMAZING KYOTO”
Accepting an offer from Shogakukan Inc., our team had the opportunity to publish the travel guidebook “AMAZING KYOTO”. After the book’s release, we were introduced on many mass media platforms, increasing our team’s visibility.
小学館からオファーを受け、観光ガイドブック「AMAZING KYOTO」を出版しました。出版後は数多くのマスメディアで紹介され、チームの知名度は大きく向上しました。

【Current Team】

Our team members come from all over the world, including Australia, Thailand, Ukraine, and the USA. The team includes writers, a photographer, a videographer, and a social media specialist who manage all aspects of operations of those roles in-house.

【Job Description】

1. Preparing for Photoshoots 撮影準備
Prepare for photoshoots following the direction of writing staff and/or coordinating director. Some shoots will require location hunting or special planning.

2. Taking Photos on Location and in the Studio ロケ先やスタジオでの写真撮影
We focus on location coverage of cultural sites such as temples and shrines, as well as traditional crafts, arts, and festivals. The company also has a studio, and applicants will need to produce product photography of artwork, traditional crafts, and small items such as sweets. Applicants must be able to maintain and exceed the high quality of photos required for the Discover Kyoto media. There is no official camera assistant, so applicants will need to handle all aspects of studio shooting on their own. For large-scale shoots, writers or the videographer will be available for support.
* You may be asked to produce photos for other NIWAKA Corporation projects.
寺社仏閣やお祭り、日本文化を継承する人々への取材など伝統的なコンテンツのロケ撮影を行います。社内には撮影スタジオを保有していますので、美術品やお菓子などの「物撮り」の撮影も担当してもらいます。今まで築いてきた、Discover Kyoto編集部のハイクオリティなイメージを受け継ぐ写真を期待します。カメラアシスタントはつけておらず、照明のセッティングから撮影まで1人で担当してもらいます。撮影規模が大きい場合は、ライターやビデオグラファーなどのチームメンバーがサポートします。
※株式会社 俄としての撮影を担当してもらうこともあります。

3. Editing Photos 編集・レタッチ
Enhance photographs through retouching with editing software to produce captivating, high-quality images

4. Photo Library Management フォトライブラリーの管理
Ensure proper file management by organizing and maintaining the photo library with accurate naming, tagging, and labeling

5. Maintaining Photographic Equipment and Supplies 写真機材の管理
Our company owns a variety of camera equipment, and applicants will need to ensure its proper storage and upkeep.


○Excellent photography skills
Ability not only to maintain but exceed the high quality of photography for Discover Kyoto
○Proficiency with professional level camera equipment
・DSLR デジタル一眼レフ
・Various types of lenses レンズ
・Strobes, speed lights, on-camera and off-camera set-ups
・Studio equipment such as stands, lights, and light manipulators
○Solid knowledge of relevant software
・Adobe Lightroom
・Adobe Photoshop
・MS Windows, Word, and Excel
○Interest in covering Kyoto culture
○High level multi-tasking skills
○Ability to work well with a multicultural team within a Japanese corporate environment
○Fluent English

【Special consideration will be given to applicants with the following】

○Professional experience as a designated photographer
○Experience shooting high-paced, motion-heavy events
○Japanese driver’s license

【Other Information】

○Application Process 選考プロセス
Submit application and portfolio ⇒ First interview ⇒ Written test ⇒ Second interview⇒ Official offer
*Please bring your portfolio to interviews.
書類選考(ポートフォリオを提出してください)⇒一次面接⇒筆記試験⇒二次面接⇒ 採用

○Type of Employment 雇用形態
* The first six months will be a contract-based trial period. During the trial period, contract conditions such as salary are the same as for permanent full-time employment.

○Working Hours 勤務時間
9:00 to 18:00 (1-hour break)

○Other Compensation その他の待遇
Bonus (twice a year) / Raise (once a year) / Overtime compensation / Transportation allowance (up to 30,000 yen per month) / Social insurance (health insurance, welfare annuity (pension) insurance, unemployment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance) / Retirement allowance / Discount system for employees
賞与(年2回)/ 昇給(年1回)/ 時間外手当 / 通勤手当(月3万円まで)/ 社会保険完備(健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険)/ 退職金制度 / 社員割引制度

○Holidays 休日
Weekends / National holidays / Summer holidays / Winter holidays / Paid vacation time
週休2日制(土・日)/ 夏季休暇 / 年末年始休暇 / 有給休暇

○Work Location 勤務地
NIWAKA Headquarters
* Eight minutes’ walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station (Subway Tozai Line)
※地下鉄東西線「京都市役所前」下車 徒歩8分

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