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Assistant Language Teacher 2020 school year (Kanto region) (expired)

RCS (RCSコーポレーション)
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Post date
Jan 24, 2020
Education / Teaching
Child Education, Pre-school Teacher
Work Type
Full Time / Entry Level
¥200,000 ~ ¥270,000 / Month
  • Depending on experience, skill and place of work, the initial salary may differ.


  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Basic
  • 12 years of education in an English environment
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Visa sponsorship available


Looking for a chance to live and work in Japan? Looking for a position that allows you to integrate within a Japanese community and join in on city/town events and festivals? Looking for a chance to give children and young adults a cultural experience they can treasure for their entire lives? Then we would like you to join us here at RCS Corporation as an ALT in April of next year for the 2020 school year.


What is an ALT?

ALTs by their very name are assistants to the Japanese teachers in the classroom. Classes are taught as a team, with the ALT able to offer native pronunciation and natural grammatical skills to the fore. Outside of the classroom, ALTs act as cultural ambassadors to the students. ALTs usually eat lunch with the students, and may also be involved in the school’s daily cleaning and club activities. It’s an immersive environment with so many rewards, large and small. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and thinking.


ALT Employment Description

* When first hired, it will be as fixed-term employment, as decided on by the school, however, if all evaluation criteria are met, there are also indefinite employment opportunities.
* The company can represent you when getting or renewing your working visa. (Conditions apply)
* Every semester, there are classroom observations to help you make sure you are doing well and the school is content with your work.
* We offer in-school and post-training follow-up sessions if there is anything you would like to go over concerning your work as an ALT.
* We have a dedicated staff here to make sure that you are taken care of while in Japan.
* Depending on the workplace and working conditions you may be put into social insurance (shakai hoken).
* Company housing is available — both residential and short-term.
* Depending on the location company cars will be available for hire.
* All necessary teaching materials will be available to all teachers.


Why RCS?

Real Communication Solutions was founded over 30 years ago as a provider of ALTs to public elementary, junior and high schools and kindergartens across Japan. We value our employees as individuals, whom we respect and aim to work closely with as a team. Public education differs extensively from privately owned conversation schools. Our aim is to educate and make a difference, while the alternative is always encumbered by a pursuit of the bottom line. If your goal is to educate in the best interests of your students, immerse yourself in Japanese life, enjoy a work/life balance, and make a difference, then we’d love to hear from you!

We hire both internationally and domestically. We offer renewable contracts and career progression opportunities to successful ALTs. If you’re ready to change your life, and if you meet our requirements, submit your application today. We look forward to hearing from you!
Please note that due to the volume of applications we receive, only applicants who pass the first screening will be contacted.


About the areas our ALTs work in:

RCS has a variety of ALT contracts with the Board of Educations mainly in Southern Kanto (Tokyo metropolitan area), especially in Saitama and Tokyo as well as Northern Kanto such as Gunma.

Most of the schools that our ALTs work are either elementary schools or junior high schools, however, there are some options to work in kindergartens and senior high schools too.

Most of our positions are full time (5 days a week, from 8:30 - 16:30) positions, however, we have some potions of part-time (less working days and/or shorter hours) positions too. We want to make sure our teachers are able to enjoy life in Japan as well as work hard. So work/life balance is important to us.


A message from our CEO:

Thank you for your interest in RCS.

Our goal by dispatching ALTs is to raise the quality of public English education in Japan and promote team teaching in the classroom. To achieve our goal, we are looking for aspiring educators who share our ideals to work with.

In order to promote team teaching, an ALT must continually strive to better one's methods through in-class experience and training that we hold. This being said, team teaching cannot be improved by only the work of the ALT. Because of this, the ALT can act as a consultant, giving advice as well as showing by example in order for the Japanese teacher to become an even better team teacher.

For those who just want to do exactly as the teacher says or those who want to teach a class following a general lesson plan exactly because it’s easier, RCS is probably not for you. However, for those who actively want to try to improve English education, and wish to contribute to the growth of children I can say confidently you will like RCS better than any other English education company out there.

Together let’s make English education even better in Japan for the sake of the children’s future.

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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