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Business Communications Manager (expired)

New Holland HFT Japan, Inc. - 日本ニューホランド株式会社

New Holland HFT Japan, Inc. - 日本ニューホランド株式会社

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札幌市中央区 (Sapporo, Chuo-ku), Hokkaido
Post date
Feb 17, 2020
Wholesale / Retail
Other Localization, Translation, Interpreting
Work Type
Contract / Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)
¥5.5M ~ ¥7.5M / Year
  • Negotiable


  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Must currently reside in Japan


We are currently looking for a native English speaker to join us as Business Communications Manager. The job requires that you take a leading role in the development of our negotiating positions, based on a thorough review of ongoing matters with related personnel in the company. Together with your colleagues, you will review incoming communications each day, then draft responses while ensuring that our positions are balanced and take various viewpoints into consideration.

Aside from the regular communications, there will be opportunities to create presentations and participate in mid- and high-level meetings taking place in Japan and abroad with our business partners, and also overseas travel to supplier locations and large exhibitions, with a particular focus on Europe. It is essential that the selected candidate is able to help facilitate efficient discussions on numerous topics as a reliable representative of the company.

While our company has Japanese staff members that are fluent in English, the position requires the ability to communicate with other company managers and employees using Japanese on a daily basis. This is an absolute must for success in the job. You will also become thoroughly familiar with our company and the issues that directly impact our success, which will be enhanced by occasional business trips within Japan as well.

In short, we are looking for a motivated leader who can work with a minimum level of direction and a high level of responsibility, and who is also looking to stay and build a career here over the long-term. The attributes of the ideal candidate are summarized below.

 Native English speaker (preferably North American)
 University degree in business-related field
 Excellent skills in writing business communications, extensively researching topics through the Internet and other media sources, and creating and delivering clear presentations
 The ability to carry out effective discussions in Japanese is an absolute requirement, as the candidate will be working closely with personnel in multiple departments
 Interest in working with our business partners from various countries and cultural backgrounds
 Willingness to assist as a translator and interpreter, as might be required
 Strong personal computer skills, in particular with Microsoft Office applications
 Knowledge of the agriculture industry in Japan or other markets is a plus
 Experience working in a Japanese business environment is a plus

This is a management level position that will allow you to quickly become knowledgeable about our operations, as it will be necessary for you to remain up to speed on multiple topics and projects as they progress, including emergency matters that may arise from time to time. It could provide a gateway to other opportunities within the company following successful performance in this role.

HFT offers a challenging and rewarding environment. If you are interested in making a difference on the HFT team, please be sure to let us know by forwarding your resume, cover letter, and photo.

1. 募集職種
海外通信業務マネジャー <Business Communications Manager>

2. 職務内容・応募要件・勤務地

・ CNHI社を含む全ての海外取引先との通信業務の統括
・ 全社ビジネスプロセスを踏まえての取引先との適時・適確なコミュニケーションの実践
・ 社内各部門に対する連絡情報の正確な伝達と徹底
・ 通信文作成、翻訳、通訳業務の監修
・ その他(会議出席、海外出張、各種プロジェクトへの参画など)
・ 職務は単なる添削・校正係ではなく、ビジネスコンテンツを充分に理解しその問題点の確実な伝達及び解決の糸口を見いだす重要な職務

・ 英語力はネイティブで、日本語は読解及び会話においてビジネス上級レベルの語学能力を有し、業務上のコミュニケーションが適確に行える事(日米間における外資系企業での経験、或いは現地法人での経験があれば尚可)
・ ビジネスに関係する学士号を有する事(加えて財務関連の知識があれば優遇)
・ 社内外の人と協力して業務を遂行する協調性を有し、ビジネスネゴシエーションの素養が必要
・ PCスキルはMS・Officeの一般的な知識を有し、書類作成、プレゼンテーション等、ビジネスで充分活用出来る水準にある事

③勤務地    当社本社オフイス (札幌市中央区)

応募方法 履歴及び職務経歴を写真貼付のうえ、カバーレターを添えて応募下さい

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