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Voice Recording of Spanish Speaker ( 10,000JPY/one hour only) (expired)

MANNET Co.,Ltd (株式会社マンネット)
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東京メトロ 早稲田駅 (Waseda Station), Tokyo, Japan
Post date
May 24, 2024
Research / Survey
Child Education, Pre-school Teacher, Teacher, Instructor (ELT, Conversational English), Waiter / Waitress, Bartender, Hall Staff, Tour Operator, Tour Guide, Translation / Localization
Work Type
Temp (Dispatch) / Entry Level
¥10,000 ~ ¥10,000 / Day
  • No extra payment of Transportation


  • Spanish: Native level (preferred)
  • Must currently reside in Japan


We, Mannet, are looking for participants(40ppl) for Voice Recording of Spanish Speaker from countries whose official language is Spanish.
We would appreciate it if you could participate this Voice Recording session. Details are below.

1. Assignment details
- This voice recording is to collect Voice Data of various Spanish language speakers for Voice Recognition Research.

- The recording will be conducted by a team of pair.
One speaker will be asked to read a set of short command phrases (approximately 40 phrases) in Spanish. He/she will read each phrase twice (Example: Replay the music, Stop the music, Put on silent-mode...).

- While one (speaker) reads the command phrases, the other (checker) checks if the command phrase is being read correctly. Once the speaker is done reading, he/she will switch the role, and repeat the activity.
The activity will take approximately one hour (30 min. ×2 ppl)

2. Application Conditions
 ・ Spanish language speaker whose official language is Spanish.
(such as Spain, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, etc)
  ・Be able to communicate in English or Japanese (for communication with recording
   ・Owns a bank account in Japan (for the payment of remuneration)
・ Work permit in Japan (even part time)

3. Venue
アクセス;東京メトロ・東西線 早稲田駅より徒歩8分
Hara-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: Take the Tokyo Metro/Tozai Line to Waseda Station- approx. 8 min. on foot to the venue.

4. Remuneration
10,000 JPY (No extra payment for transportation)
It will be bank transferred in about a week after the recording session.

5. Schedule
Only 1.0 hour
**Please give us your preferred dates and times from the following time slots.
As it will be necessary to coordinate with other participants, your wide range of time slots will be helpful for us.

June 24(Mon): A(10:00-11:00), B(11:20-12:20), C(13:40-14:40),D(15:00-16:00),E(16:20-17:20)
June 25(Tue): A(10:00-11:00), B(11:20-12:20), C(13:40-14:40),D(15:00-16:00),E(16:20-17:20)
June 26(Wed): A(10:00-11:00), B(11:20-12:20), C(13:40-14:40),D(15:00-16:00),E(16:20-17:20)
June 27(Thu): A(10:00-11:00), B(11:20-12:20), C(13:40-14:40),D(15:00-16:00),E(16:20-17:20)
June 28(Fri): A(10:00-11:00), B(11:20-12:20), C(13:40-14:40),D(15:00-16:00),E(16:20-17:20)

  It is recommended to participate in pairs (eg: friends, family, spouse, ).
7.How to apply
If you wish to apply, please inform the following details:
1) Your Full Name, Nationality, Gender, Age
2) Your current Visa(work permit even part time):
3) Spanish Level : Native , Fluent , or Conversational
4) Do you have your own Japanese bank account ?
5) Your preferred time slot and date for the recording
** Wide range of your possible time slots will be appreciated.
6) In case of applying in a pair, please give us the details of each participant.

Last modified on June 24, 2024

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