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Quality Management (English curriculum coordinator, assistant) Customer Success

株式会社 Jstyle

株式会社 Jstyle

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新宿区, Tokyo, Japan
Post date
Jul 13, 2024
Education / Teaching
Business Planning, Project Planning
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥250,000 ~ ¥350,000 / Month
  • Negotiable


  • English: Fluent (preferred)
  • Japanese: Fluent (preferred)
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Visa sponsorship available


《About us》

Studying abroad is not a just goal, but a tool to fulfill a dream.

Our company "Yume-kana Study Abroad" provides thorough consulting and planning services for study abroad and working holiday programs, that meet the needs of our clients based on country preferences, budget, duration, etc. under the motto "Tailor Made Study Abroad". We provide a wide range of support from pre-study abroad preparation (English, education, documentation) and following-up during the trip to post-study career consultation after returning home.

Join our study abroad support team for a rewarding experience of helping people achieve their dreams!


Quality Management (English curriculum coordinator, assistant)
Customer Success (Teachers and students)

《Job description》
Quality Management (QM) is responsible for supporting Yume-kana students during their pre-study abroad English course in Japan and maintaining students' satisfaction and English study improvement.

QM is a bridge between students and teachers, and a substantial part of the job consists of contacting students throughout the pre-study English course.

QM analyzes the quality of lessons being conducted by our expert teachers. It’s a unique position that helps Yume-kana to improve both our English lessons service and students' English skills before they join their study abroad program. This widens our customers' opportunities overseas, helps them to adapt to the native speakers' environment and, as a result, encourages them to be more competitive in their further goals such as job hunting, university entrance exams, etc.

《Main duties》
- Manage communication between teachers and students, as well as between teachers and other departments
- Offer student support (reply to their messages on LINE)
- Manage the lessons reservation website, teachers schedules, students and teachers absences
- Provide orientation to students (training included)
- Check the quality of the lessons (punctuality, total duration, student feedback/complaints etc.)
- Analyze the data regarding students` attendance rate, level up speed, general satisfaction
- Manage the applications for English study and students accounts
- Handle contract changes
- Manage BtoB communication (English study applications, reservation website, etc.)

250 000-350 000
15 hours deemed overtime work pay is included.

《Required skills/experiences》
・Japanese JLPTN1 (Fluent) or native
・Advanced computer & class operation skills using Google Drive, Microsoft Office, etc.
・English proficiency (one of the following):
TOEIC score 800 or above /English proficiency (certificate), EIKEN Level 1 or above, TOEFL iBT (72 points or above), IELTS (7 points or above)
・Experience of studying abroad or working holiday program for over 6 months
※ Please state the skills you have above when applying.
If you have any other skills comparable to the above, please let us know.

《Preferred qualities》
・Customer service skills/work experience
・IT skills
・Great communication & socializing skills
・Able to encourage and inspire others to reach their goals
・A great team player who is able to communicate well and execute tasks on time

《Type of people we look for》
・PC skills (PPT/Excel/Word etc.)
・Great communication & socializing skills
・Customer-oriented mindset
・Analyzing skills
・A great team player who can communicate well and execute tasks on time

《Working Hours》
Complete a five-day work system (fixed days off, negotiable for possible days off of the week)
Depending on shift: 9:30-18:30 (1-hour break)
15 hours of deemed overtime are included.
※Average overtime is 8 hours.

《Work location》
Main office: 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022 Shinjuku Eastside Square, East tower, 11F
Branch office: 6-29-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Shinjuku Fukuchi Building 4F

Higashi-Shinjuku Station:
①Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line
②Toei Oedo Line
1-minute walk from Exit: A3

Shinjuku-Sanchome Station:
①Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
➁Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line
➂Toei Shinjuku Line
7 minute walk from Exit:A3

Annual holidays
● Complete a five-day work system (fixed days off, negotiable for possible days off of the week)
● Available to take vacations for 5+ consecutive days
● Holidays increase with the number of years of employment as shown below:
1st year: 130 days/year in total⇒ special paid vacations(11 days) + regular paid vacations (10 days) + fixed days off a week per year and New Year holidays.
2nd year: 134 days/year in total⇒ special paid vacations(14 days) + regular paid vacations (11 days) + fixed days off a week per year and New Year holidays.
3rd year and thereafter: 137-145 days/year in total⇒ special paid vacations(16 days) + regular paid vacations (12 to 20 days) + fixed days off a week per year and New Year holidays.

● Salary raise (twice a year) - based on your performance & company’s evaluation system
● Bonus (twice a year) - based on your performance & company’s evaluation system
● Full payment of transportation expenses
● "Rent Allowance" program ※A monthly housing allowance of up to 30,000 yen is provided if one meets the predetermined conditions
● Social insurance
Health insurance: Yes
Employee pension: Yes
Employment insurance: Yes
Worker's accident compensation insurance: Yes
● Devices such as PCs and mobile phones, office equipment, etc., will be provided as needed.
● Overseas airline ticket agency service and support
● Available to take vacations for 5+ consecutive days
● New Year Holiday
● Paid leave (statutory paid leave, special paid leave)
● Condolence leave
● Maternity and childcare leave
● English study support system (subject to availability)
● Health checkup (once a year)
● Marriage gift money
● Referral hiring allowance
● Free participation in dinner parties (about once every three months)
● Discounts available for beauty salons of affiliated companies
● No smoking in the office
● ※ First 6 months of a trial period, during which a new 1-month employment contract will be signed every month. After a trial period of 6 months, If both parties agree, we will promote you to a permanent position. ※Depending on your performance we can consider the possibility of promoting you to a permanent position earlier than 6 months.

Learn more:
Corporate website::

Service site:

Quality Management 「英語コースの品質管理、カスタマーサクセス」

● 先生と生徒、先生と他部署とのコミュニケーション
● 生徒との連絡窓口・サポート:メッセージのやり取り(LINE)
● レッスン予約サイトの管理、講師のスケジュール管理、生徒と講師の欠席管理
● 生徒へのオリエンテーション
● レッスンの質のチェック(時間通りに開始されているか、総授業時間、生徒のフィードバック/コメントなど)
● 生徒の出席率、レベルアップのスピード、満足度に関するデータの分析
● 英語学習の申し込みと生徒のアカウントの管理
● 契約変更(延長、中断、休会)の処理
● BtoBコミュニケーションの管理(英語学習申込、予約サイトなど)




月給: 25万円 以上

● 日本語JLPTN1(流暢)またはネイティブレベル。
● PCスキル (Google Drive, Microsoft Office, etc.)
● 英語力: 目安として下記いずれかのレベルの方は優遇します
└TOEFL iBT(72点以上)
● 留学等、海外での滞在経験(6ヶ月以上)

● ITスキル
● 接客スキル・実務経験
● 英語圏の大学卒業者
● TOEICなど英語に関する資格講座の経験

● 英語講師の勤務経験
● コミュニケーション能力に自信のある方
● お客様の夢・目標をサポートしたい方
● 「夢カナ留学」の想いに共感できる方
● グローバルな環境で自分を成長させたい方
● チームワークを大切にできる方

シフト制: 9:30-18:30 (1時間お昼休み)
残業: 15 時間の見込み残業込み

1年目:年間計130日⇒ 特別有給休暇(11日)+通常の有給休暇(10日)+年間の固定公休日+年末年始休暇;

本社(東京都新宿区新宿6-27-30 新宿イーストサイドスクエア11階)
支社(東京都 新宿区 新宿6-29-8 新宿福智ビル4階)

● 昇給(年2回)・・・業績・会社評価制度による
● 賞与(年2回)・・・業績・会社評価制度による
● 交通費全額支給
● 【住宅手当】所定の規定に該当する方につきましては毎月最大3万円の住宅手当が支給されます。
● 各種社会保険完備
● PC、OA機器等、必要に応じて支給
● 海外航空券手配サービス・サポート
● 5日以上の連続休暇取得可能
● 年末年始休暇
● 有給休暇(法定有給休暇、特別有給休暇)
● 慶弔休暇
● 産前産後休暇、育児休暇
● 英語学習支援制度(枠の空き状況次第)
● 健康診断(年1回)
● 結婚祝い金
● リファラル採用手当
● 参加自由のごはん会(3ヵ月に1回程度)
● 関係会社の美容院割引あり
● オフィス内禁煙
● ※入社当初より「契約社員」になります。契約期間は1カ月となり、パフォーマンスが良ければ、新規で1カ月間の契約を結びなおす形となります。新規で6回契約社員として締結したのち、双方の合意がある場合、正社員登用させていただきます。(ご活躍により、6ヶ月より早いタイミングでの正社員登用も検討いたします)

GPlusMedia Inc. will handle the document screening and initial interviews for the applicants on behalf of the company.
Please note that you will be receiving contact from GPlusMedia when passing the initial screening.


The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

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