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Kids Duo Full-Time English Childcare Specialist: Greater Tokyo Area (expired)

Yaruki Switch Group (Kids Duo / WinBe / Kids Duo International)

Yaruki Switch Group (Kids Duo / WinBe / Kids Duo International)

Job ID
Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Post date
Jun 7, 2024
Education / Teaching
Child Education, Pre-school Teacher
Work Type
Full Time / Entry Level
¥250,000 ~ ¥270,000 / Month

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  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: None
  • Visa sponsorship available


Yaruki Switch Group is currently accepting applications for our Kids Duo English Preschool/Afterschool locations throughout the Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama)!

◆ Benefits & Compensation

・ Starting salary: ¥250,000~270,000 depending on experience
・ Raise opportunities based on work performance
・ 10 paid days of leave per year (after 6 months of employment), in addition to national holidays
・ ¥100,000 bonus upon successful completion & re-signing of contract
・ Fully paid comprehensive initial training, during which accommodation and transportation reimbursement can be provided if necessary
・ Usable and transferable experience & skills gained via regular workshops held throughout the year
・ Work-related commuting costs reimbursed
・ Social Security & Health Insurance provided
・ Visa sponsorship and renewal support available

* Some contract details may vary depending on location.

◆ Who We Are

At Kids Duo, we're not a language school – we're a dynamic preschool and after-school care program. Founded in 2008, Kids Duo was the first of its kind in Japan, combining childcare with immersive English language learning. With over 200 locations across the country, we're proud to offer a unique environment where children thrive.

Our approach to language learning is interactive and game-based, focusing on practical language use and building confidence in communication. With our motto, "Play in English, Learn in English," we create a supportive atmosphere where children feel empowered to express themselves.

But our mission goes beyond English fluency. We believe that language skills are tools for personal growth and success. At Kids Duo, we aim to help children discover their innate talents and develop self-confidence and motivation. Through our innovative curriculum, which includes subjects like Arts & Crafts, Music & Dance, Science, and Social Studies, we provide a well-rounded education that prepares children for the challenges of the future.

◆ Kids Duo: Main Responsibilities & Duties

Being an English Childcare Specialist isn't your typical teaching position; it primarily revolves around childcare responsibilities while also fostering English language acquisition, creating an immersive learning environment for the children.

Kids Duo English Childcare Specialist takes turns leading and supporting both large and small groups of children aged 3 to 12, with a variety of highly active games and activities.

While a set curriculum and lesson plans for main activities are provided, English Childcare Specialists are expected to grow and expand on these foundations with their own unique and original games and activities ideas; allowing ample creative freedom to personalize your approach and inject passion and enthusiasm into your working routine.

Regular working hours fall within the hours of 9:00-20:30, Monday through Friday (occasional special events also held on weekends as well).

◆ Job Requirements

We are looking for new English Childcare Specialists who:

・Are Native English Speakers*
・Must possess, at least, a 2-year associate's degree or a valid working visa. (Working Holiday Visas will not be considered.)
・Are independent and creatively minded, ready to innovate and adapt in any circumstance
・Can be team-oriented, passionate, enthusiastic, and creative in your approach to interacting with children.
・Have a strong sense of professionalism, and are self-motivated
・Prior experience with children (daycare, teaching, or related fields) is preferred

*Our curriculum emphasizes pronunciation and phonics practice. While we welcome English speakers from a variety of countries with varying dialects and accents, we ask that you are able to effectively teach and express these concepts in a phonetically natural English environment. Only applicants that are able to meet the highest standards of fluency will be considered.

◆ Application Process

• Application Submitted (Submit application with interview availability for the next 2 weeks)
• Screening Process (2-3 business days)*
• 1st Interview (Online)
• Introduction to School & 2nd Interview (In-Person/Online)
• Official Offer of Position
• On-Boarding / Visa Support (if necessary)
• Initial Training & School Placement

◆ Pets

Many rental accommodations, especially apartments, may have strict no-pet policies. It can be challenging to find pet-friendly housing, and even if found, it may limit your options significantly.

Overall, it's crucial to consider and respect the cultural and practical aspects of living and working in a foreign country before deciding to bring a pet along. It's advisable to thoroughly research the specific circumstances and requirements in Japan and consider the impact on your lifestyle and the well-being of your pet.

* Note: While we sincerely appreciate all applications, only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted.

Last modified on July 8, 2024

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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