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WEB Engineer - Junior/Middle Level |Customer Mgmt. System Development Company (expired)

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Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Jan 7, 2020
Information Technology
Software Engineer, Programmer
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥3.0M ~ ¥6.0M / Year


  • Japanese: Business level
  • English: Business level
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Able to write and speak Business Japanese
  • At least 1 year experience as a WEB engineer
  • Visa sponsorship available


【About the company ...】

The company is a system development company. The essence of the business is more correctly described as an “engineer training company”.
The development projects he deals with include a wide range of customer management platforms, EC membership management platforms, fixed-line phone service setting sites, game portal sites, social games, front servers, voice data capture analysis systems, and HTML5 frameworks. From the viewpoint of engineer training, the main focus is on providing services at SES, and the technology used is centered on Java.

The CEO decided to create the ideal company for an engineer. With the three members who decided and agreed, they founded the company in November 2010.

In addition to monthly general meetings, in-house seminars are also frequently held. At times, we also enjoy “mon strikes” together for research purposes, and sometimes dart competitions.
Of course, Google Apps has been introduced as a communication/collaboration tool, making use of multiple shared environments such as schedules, documents, and bulletin boards. However, he emphasizes face-to-face analog communication more and more, four times a year.

The evaluation system is unique. Twice a year, everyone conducts the "Ultimate 360-degree Evaluation", which evaluates everyone including themselves. Bonuses include summer, winter, and settlement of accounts.

【 Job Description 】


[Project example]
■ Customer management platform development (Language: Java / Scale: 15 people)
■ BtoC service Web system development (language: Java / scale: 10 people)
■ Development of application base for AI robots (language: Java/scale: 2 people)
■ Music content distribution system development (language: PHP / scale: 5 people)
■ GUI application development for embedded devices (language: C ++ / scale: 5 people)

[Project Features]
■ Development language is often "Java". 80% or more.
■ Information-based Web system development.
■ One-stop from upstream to the downstream process.
■ Technical knowledge is more important than business knowledge.
■ Mainly server-side development.
■ Strong in OSS use, application infrastructure, and framework development.

[Company features]
■ Company performance ⇒Management of profitability continuously since the establishment
■ Mentor system ⇒Choose and support two seniors who are easy to talk to in the same age. They take care from working style to human relations.
■ 15-year education ⇒ Career planning for about 30 years until retirement.
■ Interview with Career Plan ⇒A direct interview once every three months.

▼ This job will seem attractive to ...

・ Those who want to grow and develop their skills

・ Those who want to work with JAVA

・ Those who want a fair evaluation system

【 Requirements 】


■Those who have more than 1-year experience in Web / Open system development.
■Business Japanese

■Those who have more than 3 years of experience in web / open system development. * Java welcome
■Business Japanese

【Working hours】

9:00~18:00/ 10:00~19:00 Depends on the project you are assigned to

【 Welfare 】
■ Full Social Insurance
■Commuting Allowance
■Family Allowance
■Bonuses include summer, winter, and settlement of accounts.

【 Holidays】
■ Saturday/Sunday/National Holiday
■Annual Paid Leave
■New Year Holiday

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This job is no longer available.

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