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Back End Engineer(PHP) / App Development |Mobility Device Application Company (expired)

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Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Sep 26, 2019
Information Technology
Communication Infrastructure / Development
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥4.0M ~ ¥8.0M / Year


  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Able to write and speak Japanase
  • Visa sponsorship available


(About the company ...)
The company provides a new surprise to the way users work with a simple interface and detailed policy settings that anyone can use, and also provide service to greatly enhance the value of business communication assets.

-Challenging work -
● There are over 5,000 companies using the service, and it is still growing!
● We are looking for technical back-end engineers for further growth of the company.

(About the Role)
◆◆Back End Engineer◆◆

As a server side engineer, you will be responsible for the overall back end of the business service, mainly API development and maintenance.

◆ Specifically
・ Design, development and improvement of existing systems on the backend side
・ System tuning improvements
・ Development of scripts that run on some infrastructure, etc.

【Development environment】
■ Language used: PHP7
■ Server: Linux (Debian) / Nginx / MySQL
■ Infrastructure: AWS
■ Version control: Git
Project management tool: Gitlab
■ Communication tool: Business chat

◆ What's attractive?
① Accelerate your growth!
Because this is a small project, you can participate as a back-end engineer. Each project is aimed at release while actively discussing with other members, so it can be a very exciting experience, and because it has great discretion, you can actively adopt good ideas.

② Develop a service that you use every day!
It is also used for in-house communication, and because it will develop a service that you use every day, it is one of the best things that the improvement you have made leads to the improvement of your work efficiency. . I think that it will be very rewarding because the feedback from users will be immediately available.

③ Global development experience!
In Suzhou, China, there is a development base and there are cases where simple exchanges with local engineers in English (or Chinese) occur, so it is possible to gain global development experience.

We are looking for:
・ Web development (server side engineer) More than 1 year of experience
・ PHP hobby or business less than 1 year
・ For non-Japanese people, Japanese ability of daily conversation (N2)

[Welcome requirements]
・ Experience related to AWS EC2
・ Creating an instance from AMI
・ Security group settings
・CloudWatch settings etc.
・ Infrastructure server performance tuning and troubleshooting experience
・ Experience building Linux servers
・ Everyday conversation level English reading and writing (or Chinese)
・Setting up a load balancer
・Snapshot creation
・ If you can present a portfolio of other past development results, we will judge comprehensively.

[What kind of person are we looking for...]
・ Anyone who wants to realize "growth that can be realized"
・ People who want to try new things
・ Person who wants to realize one's thought immediately with discretion and responsibility
・ Those who want to improve the productivity of companies (including their own companies) and boost society!

◆◆App Development Engineer◆◆

You will be responsible for the development of in-house developed business chat and in-house communication services. All development of our products is done in-house, so you can be involved with the initiative from the stage of planning new functions and new products.

【In particular】
・ Implement a designer-designed UI on the business chat app client.
・ Refactoring code to improve existing functions and improve user experience
・ Examination and proposal of new functions and implementation methods

[Required skill / ★ Android★]
・ Has more than 1 year of Android development experience with AndroidStudio and Java, and has implemented an application that communicates with the server.
・ Basic knowledge of Gradle
・ Understand DBite basic operations using SQLite etc.
-Interested in developing real-time communication services
・ For foreigners, Japanese language skills are required for daily conversation (N2 level).

[Required skills /★ iOS ★]
・ Has more than 1 year of development experience with Objective-C and has implemented applications that communicate with servers
・ Knows not only development but also the basic operation method (mainly certificate handling) on ​​Apple's Developer site and the flow up to release through practical experience.
・ Understand DBite basic operations using SQLite etc.
-Interested in developing real-time communication services

[Welcome skill]
・ Development and operation experience of business application services
・ Minimum communication in English

・ Equipped with various social insurance (employment, occupational accidents, health, welfare pension)
・ Transportation expenses (up to 25,000 yen / month)
・ Position allowance

* There is a telework system (no limit on the number of times. This is a system where you can work anywhere).
* All members at the time can test and work in a carefully selected chair (Ergo Human Chair). It is comfortable even for a long time sitting.
* Equipped with coffee maker, microwave and water server.
* You can work in plain clothes. Nail and hair color are also free.

<122 days or more annual holiday>
2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday)
public holiday
Annual paid leave
Congratulations and Condolences Leave
New Year holiday
Birthday holiday
Refresh vacation
Maternity leave
Childcare leave

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This job is no longer available.

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