Language Instructor (English or Chinese) for Nursery School | 子どもたちへの語学講師 募集!!(期限切れ)

Avenir Nursery School | Luarch K.K.

Avenir Nursery School | Luarch K.K.

東京都 Setagaya, Setagaya-Ku
教育 / 講師, 保険 / 年金
パート・アルバイト / 新卒・第二新卒
時給 1,100円
  • 相談可
  • Salary growth is in place (depending on your performance and company standing)


  • 英語: 母国語レベル
  • 中国語: 母国語レベル
  • 日本語: 初級(あいさつレベル)
  • 現在日本在住の方に限ります
  • Must love children


【Nursery school and cram school integrated!】

It is a new-style nursery school that captures the needs of today!

A small-scale nursery school with a capacity of 19 from 0 to 2 years old who adopted a new system approved by the Cabinet Office based on the philosophy of "children who can respond firmly to society" is a 5-minute walk from Setagaya station in a good location!

We are recruiting nursery teachers in the newly-built gardens.

Carefully caring for children's "Why?" Facing firmly towards each individual, unique to small scale, we can build deep trusting relationships with our children, promoting childcare that fosters individuality . Please let me hear your voice as well!

[What is Avenir? 】
It is an up-and-coming nursery school in which a cram school integrated into a nursery school, established in April, 2019.

English classes from elementary schools "Foreign language activities" are indispensable items.
Before Avenir is further globalizing, we also incorporate Chinese language.

【Business Contents】
- Program planning and execution (programs with music and dance etc)
- Every month, we plan to set goal and execute curriculum
- Event planning and execution such as Easter and Halloween
- English education for classes from 0 to 2 years old
- Otherwise, childcare support
*Even if it is your first time, please be comfortable.

【Recruitment background】
Essential subjects at elementary schools in front of our eyes have increased, and it has become an age that is burdensome for children day by day. Ideal for "children who can respond firmly when they are in society", to be a nursery school that closely attaches to parents who have various troubles, handmade child care from such thought, smooth response to the global society. We aim for nursery schools that capture the needs of modern times, such as language education for doing, to form a cornerstone to live, to meet with those who can have children with maximum love in an important infant period.

- English or Chinese: native level
- Japanese: basic level
- Must like children
- Valid visa status
*Experience in child education or childcare is very welcome

We are looking for applicants like below;
- Those who want to try something new in child education
- Those who have a passion for Children's English education
- Those who have good communication and teamwork skills to help make our workplace even better as one of the “early members” of this nursery school
- Those who can be a “key staff” beyond even an language teacher as needs grow in the future

You may be the first English / Chinese teacher that many small children will have ever had!

¥1,100 / hour~
*Salary growth is in place (depending on your performance and company standing)

【Working days and time】

Working time: shift

- Saturday*, Sunday (two days off per week)
- National Holidays
- Paid holidays
*Occasional Saturday work will be required.

- Transportation paid
- Free drink
- Incentive bonus will be paid depending on your performance
- Costumes provided
*If you need to work within the range of tax deduction for dependents, you are very welcome. Let’s discuss it at the interview.







 時給:1,100円~ (昇給あり)


- 土曜日、日曜日の週休二日
- 祝日休み
- 有給休暇

- 交通費支給
- フリードリンク
- 制服貸与
- 扶養控除内で働きたい方、歓迎です。面接時に相談しましょう。



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