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English language school(期限切れ)

Terakoya - 寺子屋
教育 / 講師
契約社員 / 新卒・第二新卒
月給 28万円 ~ 28万円
  • Fixed salary:280,000 yen a month.


  • 英語: 母国語レベル(歓迎)
  • ビザのスポンサーが可能



You must be a native English speaker.
You must have a university or college degree.
You must be friendly, outgoing, and flexible.

No teaching qualifications or teaching experience is required.
No Japanese ability is required.
No driving license is required — we’ll drive you to and from off-site classes. If you’d prefer to make your own way to classes, that’s fine.
SALARY: ¥280,000 per month

HOURS: Monday to Friday, maximum 25 hours a week

HOLIDAYS: Weekends and national holidays. After six months of continuous employment, you are entitled to 10 days of paid holiday per year, as per Japanese labor laws.

Terakoya is a small private school in Iida, Nagano that provides math and English tuition to learners of all ages. We’re looking for a new English teacher to start as soon as possible.

Most students are adults, but we teach all ages, including kindergarteners and high school students. They range from beginners to advanced speakers.

Lessons are spread throughout the day and range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The earliest lessons start at 9am and the latest finish at 9pm. On some days you’ll teach for only two or three hours; others five or six. You’ll typically work no more than 25 hours a week. Overtime is very rare but we pay an additional ¥3000 per hour in this case.

We teach both at the school and other places such as local businesses and community centres. We have no formal curriculum and it’s up to you to plan lessons and choose study materials, based in part on what the students want to learn. You’ll work with a Japanese teacher for some classes.

We try to provide a relaxed, friendly environment for our students, so there is no dress code at the school or the community centre. However, lessons taught at businesses and offices require business attire.

The job comes with an apartment right next to the school. The apartment is unfurnished but has a hob, toaster, refrigerator, air conditioner/heater and washing machine (no drier). The rent is 48,000 per month (excluding bills) deducted from the monthly salary. Of course, if you’d prefer to find your own accommodation, that’s fine too.

We sponsor visas.

Sorry, we can’t pay for your transport here.




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