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System Engineers (expired)



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Tokyo, Japan
Post date
May 21, 2021
Human Resources / Recruitment
Application Development
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥3.0M ~ ¥5.0M / Year
  • Negotiable


  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Business level Japanese (equivalent to JLPT N2 or above preferred) JLPT N2同等レベル推奨
  • The interview will be held in Japanese.
  • Visa sponsorship available


We are MAYA STAFFING, a recruitment agency in Shinjuku, Tokyo managing recruitment for Foreign IT system engineers in Japan.
We have successfully met so many suitable candidates for our clients through GaijinPot in those years, and they are still working as part of the company even in the tough time under the COVID-19 situation.

We will help you to find a great job opportunity with proper counseling, visa sponsorship.
The jobs we introduce are all over Japan. It is also a feature that many companies want to work as a member of the company for a long time and even young people in their 20s and above can make use of their knowledge and experience.
Depending on your job, you may be dispatched as an employee of our company, but please contact us once.

■ Job Description ■
We are currently recruiting for the following clients, so if you are interested, please apply.
Your role will be depending on your skill, experience.

Featured Client:
1) Data analysis application system service company for hospitals
2) Cloud service provider for dental clinics
3) ASP service provider for the transportation industry
4) Infrastructure outsourcer for global chemical manufacturers
5) R & D department of a world-famous automobile company

■ Technical Environment ■
・Go/ Python / PHP / C# / Java / C++ /C  and so on
・MySQL / SQL Server / PostgreSQL
・React / Vue / Laravel / CakePHP /
・ iOS, Android, LinuxServer, WindowsServer
Cisco/ Juniper

■ Requirements ■
・Experience for 2 years or more in system development with any of the IT skills mentioned above
・Business level Japanese* (equivalent to JLPT N2 or above preferred)
・Conversational level English*
*If you speak English well, only conversation level Japanese is required when you start.
*But also please note the interview will be held in Japanese

■ Working Conditions ■
・Working days: from Monday through Friday
・Working hours: 9:30am - 6:30pm
・Indication of overtime: 10 hours/month depending on the season
※the working conditions will be changed depends on the role.

■ Holidays ■
・Saturday, Sunday (Full weekly two-day system)
・Public holidays
・Summer holiday
・New year holiday
・Paid holiday
・Special leave for weddings and funerals
・The number of annual holidays: 120 or more

■ Salary ■
・Annual salary: ¥3,000,000 - ¥5,000,000*
*Depending on your experience and skills

■ Benefits ■
・Visa sponsorship
・Transportation compensation
・Social insurance (Employment Insurance, Compensation Insurance, Employees' Pension, Health Insurance)

※Please note the interview will be held in Japanese.
※Only selected candidates will be contacted. Thank you for understanding.
※When you apply, please be sure to update your profile on GaijinPot and prepare your resumes with photo, CVs both in English and Japanese.

Even if the role being advertised today isn't exactly for you, if you have experience in the IT field, we would like to give you other opportunities as well. We have lots of job offers for developers, IT infrastructure engineers, and robot or AI-related roles which allow you to experience the very latest technologies.

Business level Japanese is preferred, but if you speak English well, only conversational level Japanese would be required when you start.
You’ll have many chances to brush up and improve your Japanese after joining them.
In fact, there are other foreign employees already working with them.

You’ll start as a contract worker basically, but with the career-path to be promoted to Seishain (正社員) which is a permanent employment contract with many benefits.
Also, sometimes we offer the permanent employment contract for excellent candidates from the beginning.

We look forward to your application!

System Engineer

弊社MAYA STAFFINGは新宿にある人材会社であり、外国人システムエンジニアの採用を行っております。




■ 環境 ■
・Go/ Python / PHP / C# / Java / C++ /C  and so on
・MySQL / SQL Server / PostgreSQL
・React / Vue / Laravel / CakePHP /
・ iOS, Android, LinuxServer, WindowsServer
Cisco/ Juniper 

■ 必須要件 ■
・日本・母国での仕事経験 2年以上 (上記のいずれかのキーワードで)
・ビジネスレベルの日本語力 (JLPT N2同等レベル 推奨・優遇)

■ 勤務条件 ■
勤務曜日: 月~金
残業時間目安:10時間/ 月 ※時期による

■ 休日 ■
・完全週休2日制 (土・日)


■ 給与 ■
・年俸制: 300万円~500万円

■ 福利厚生 ■


今回掲載の紹介先においてはマッチしない方についても、その他I T分野でのご経験があればご紹介可能な場合がございます。
弊社では多数案件があり、特に開発やI Tインフラ、ロボットやA I関連など最新技術を経験できる職種もございます。


契約社員としてスタートしますが、正社員 (日本独自の雇用期限の定めのない雇用契約)登用のチャンスがあります。優れたご経験をお持ちの方には、最初から正社員契約をオファーする可能性もあります。


The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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