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In-House System Engineer (WEB APP/INFRA)|Listed Software QA Company (expired)

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Minato-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Jan 17, 2020
Information Technology
Software Engineer, Programmer
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥4.2M ~ ¥7.0M / Year


  • Japanese: Business level
  • English: Business level
  • Able to speak and communicate effectively in Japanese
  • Visa sponsorship available


【About the company ...】
The company is seriously trying to achieve structural reforms in the IT industry, focusing on quality, in order to deliver security, peace of mind and comfort to a society full of software. They not only focus on testing, but also in quality assurance. Their corporate culture emphasizes efficiency. The company is listed on TSE Mothers in 2014 and aims to make a “smart society that eliminates waste” and to continue self-transformation. Also, their sales went from 10 billion yen company to 100 billion yen, and they aim to become a trillion yen company.

-------------------【 Job Description 】-------------------

1. (Network- INFRA)

With the growth of the company, the number of employees is increasing at a pace of about 300 to 500 employees annually. In anticipation of the future phase of the company, it is necessary to further strengthen security to protect the work efficiency and improvement of employees.

■ About the assigned department
Management Headquarters Information Systems Department Infrastructure Security Operation Group

■ Specific work contents
・ Definition/development/operation of new core systems and tools
・ Operation/modification/maintenance of existing core systems and tools (including switching of new core systems)
・ Maintenance of in-house developed tools (eg, original verification tool)
・ Improvement of Salesforce and sales management system
・ Operating / maintenance of owned media infrastructure

■ Environment
・ Network equipment such as PaloAlto / Cisco / Yamaha
・ Monitoring camera / Biometric authentication device
・ IaaS / PaaS such as Heroku / AWS / Azure
・ SaaS representing O365


In this position, while developing apps to improve internal efficiency and consolidating existing apps, you will create optimal tools according to the company's growth, and also be in charge of system operation, etc. as operation and maintenance staff of existing systems.

In the development department, they are planning and developing core systems to match the increase in employees and diversification of work, and since the core systems have a long development period, we are also developing various tools to fill the gap. .

■ About the assigned department
Management Headquarters Information Systems Department Core System Promotion Group

■ Specific work contents
・ Maintenance of human scoring tool (independent verification tool)
・ Improvement of SFA & sales management system (Salesforce)
・ Switching the foundation of the company website
・ Planning and creation of internal business efficiency tools
・ Switching of in-house core system (switching from the existing on-premise system)

■ Other
▼ Necessary technology area
・ Database system
・ Knowledge of various languages ​​such as Java / Scala / Ruby / Perl / Python
・ Technology related to server construction and operation management
・ Automation technology
・ CI / CD
・ Cloud development (AWS / Azure / Heroku)
・ Salesforce customization experience, development experience on (Visualforce / Apex / API)

▼ Expected role
・ Planning ability and requirement adjustment ability as IT architect
・ Development ability and comprehensive ability as SE
・ On-site skills and coordination ability as an operator

▼ Working style
Please enter the existing team (2 people) and play an active part regardless of the field.
There is also a development member in the service division, and they will cooperate and lead the development while keeping the common mechanism in mind, develop by themselves, and work on solving on-site issues

-------------------【 Requirements 】-------------------

1. (Network- INFRA)

・ Experience in server construction (Linux ・ WindowsServer / LAMP / mail / DNS)
・ Knowledge of network (VPN, FW, CDN, IPS, WAF, etc.)
・ Experience using cloud environment (business use)

・ Virtualization experience
・ Database design and construction experience
・ Development experience
・ Experience opening a new base

The desired person image
・ Sympathize with SHIFT's business and vision.
・ You can respond flexibly to the situation of your organization.
・ I can work actively with improvement, motivation and a sense of responsibility.
・ I can accept things honestly.
・ High interest in business
・ Issued on issues including on-site adjustment


【 Requirements 】

・ More than 5 years of experience in web application development
・ Development experience in multiple languages (three or more)
・ Over 1 year experience in the operation
・ Over 1-year experience in customizing existing package system
・ 1 year or more IT architect, equivalent experience

The desired person image
・ Person who can sympathize with SHIFT's business contents/vision
・ Thinking positively about what you can do, not what you can't do
・ People who feel joy in helping others
・ People who like talking with people
・ People who like to move their hands first

【 Working time 】


【 Welfare 】

Prenatal and childbirth, childcare, nursing care leave system ・Complimentary social insurance ・ Commutation allowance ・ Selective defined contribution pension system ・ Skill-up support (qualification support) system ・ In-house recruitment system ・ Technical study group ・ In-house exchange meeting “TEL @ CAFE ・ Share grant ESOP trust system ・ Health insurance association (Tokyo Information Service Industry Health Insurance Association) partner facility available ・ Bicycle commuting system ・ Department, circle activity ・ Various internal events (year-end party, Meister Award), etc.

【 Holiday 】
<120 days or more annual holiday>

2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday)
Summer vacation
New Year holiday
Paid leave (10-20 days)
Congratulations or condolences leave
(Marriage leave, child marriage leave, spouse birth leave, etc.)

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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