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IT Engineer(Fullstack/Security) |FinTech Service Start-up Company (expired)

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Minato-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Nov 29, 2019
Information Technology
Software Engineer, Programmer
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥6.5M ~ ¥10.0M / Year


  • Japanese: Business level
  • English: Business level
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • High programming ability
  • Business Japanese
  • Visa sponsorship available


【 About the company 】
The company has created a new FinTech service, the first of its kind in Japan. This service allows SME's to raise funds by selling invoices while in the office, so bank loans or VCs investment becomes unnecessary. The company converts all information about individuals, companies, and the environment surrounding these users into trust with the power of technology.

◆ Operating “Cloud Factoring Business”, a financing service for SMEs ◆
There are about 4 million SMEs all over Japan but for companies with a short history or small sales,
The current funding environment is not sufficient. In response to these issues, the company provides cloud factoring as a service to meet short-term funding needs.

Members with diverse backgrounds come together to think about and create products that are really necessary for users. Because there are many members with diverse values ​​and abilities, each of them has different work styles and career views. The company encourages to respect such individuals' way of life and way of thinking first and foremost.

【Attractive Working Environment 】
*Members with diverse backgrounds come together to think about and create products that are really necessary for users. (from people from major companies such as investment banks, megabanks, general trading companies, manufacturers, IT, from startups who have experienced IPO)
*Flextime system is available.

▼[Technical environment]
・ Language: Python
・ Frontend: Vue.js, Nuxt.js
・ Backend: Django
・ Database: PostgreSQL
・ Infrastructure: GCP, Kubernetes
・ Version control: Github
・ CI / CD: Jenkins, Circle CI
・ Communication tools: Slack, Asana, esa

【 Job Description & Requirements 】


You will work on various themes such as cooperation with various services, collaboration with financial institutions, development of new products, etc. in our product group the company's cloud factoring service.

Tech Lead
・ Leading products technically
・ Guaranteed code quality
・ Decision making in architecture and design
・ Maximize team productivity by developing development flow

・ Front-end development and infrastructure (GCP, k8s) operation, focusing on back-end development
・ Planning, design, implementation, and testing of products and functions based on product roadmap
・ Improvement of systems and UI / UX based on various qualitative and quantitative research (user survey, log analysis, inquiry analysis, etc.)
・ Examine long-term system configuration, technology selection, etc.
・ Technology selection and verification of middleware, framework, etc.

- Over 5 years of experience as an engineer and experience in backend, frontend, infrastructure and full stack in modern web application development
* It is not necessary for all to have strengths, but there is one area of their own specialization and a wide range of T-type human resources that can be handled
- Those who have team development experience
- Those who have basic knowledge of the operation
* CS/business side maintenance and improvement experience.
* Has basic knowledge of infrastructure and experience in handling failures

▼ Welcome conditions
-Experience working in Fintech startups or BtoB domain ventures


You will be responsible for ensuring product security in the company products, including the company's service of cloud factoring.

・ Application/infrastructure vulnerability diagnosis
・ Service vulnerabilities ・ Emergency response at the time of the incident
・ Log analysis ・ Vulnerability survey verification ・ Emergency response ・ Security monitoring
・ Introduction of security products ・ Development of diagnostic tools

- Those who have more than 3 years of experience related to security

▼ Welcome conditions
-Those who have experience in web application development
-Persons with experience in security activities such as SECCON

【 Working conditions 】
< Welfare >
-Commuting Allowance

-Full Social Insurance, ETC.

< Working hours >FLEX-TIME

< Holiday >Saturday, Sunday, National holiday, Annual paid leave, ETC.

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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