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Native Game Development SERVER ENGINEER |Internet Services Development (expired)

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Minato-ku,Roppongi, Tokyo
Post date
Feb 7, 2020
Information Technology
Database Design / Development
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥5.0M ~ ¥12.0M / Year


  • Japanese: Business level
  • English: Business level
  • Visa sponsorship available


---------------【ABOUT THE COMPANY】---------------
The company has been driving Japan's mobile internet services, with the founding business of the development of the world's first mobile social game in cooperation with a social networking service (SNS). Currently, they are expanding to games, live entertainment, media, advertising, and investment industries.

■ "Make the world better through the Internet."

What they want to achieve is "to make the world better through the Internet. it is a field that can be challenged. They believe in the potential of the Internet and want to change people, society, and the world.

<Business description>

◆ Game business
Mobile Game Business has developed and operated various games since launching the world's first mobile social game. The games developed at the company are distributed domestically and globally through the company's platform, App Store, Google Play, and more.
◆ Community business
A social networking service (SNS) offers basic SNS services such as diary and chat. Recently they launched a fan community platform utilizing the marketing know-how used for the game business.
◆ Game management business
Since launching the world's first mobile social game, they started a game management business by making use of the know-how. By providing high-quality services, aiming to have more customers who enjoy the game for longer.
◆ VR business
With an increasing interest in VR worldwide. After exhibiting a VR experience booth at "Tokyo Game Show 2015", they established a VR development studio. They will continue to provide attractive content to the VR market and contribute to market expansion.
◆ Live entertainment business
The business specialized in virtual YouTubers. Discover, Develop, plan, produce and distribute video programs, manage virtual YouTubers in which voice actors play 3D avatars, develop and provide distribution studio systems and support creators and startups in terms of funds.
◆ Media business
The company is engaged in a wide range of businesses to enhance daily life, fashion, beauty, etc. By improving the world through the Internet.
◆ Advertising business
It provides to clients comprehensive solutions, like ad technology business, advertising cloud business, marketing cloud business, and production operation business, based on internet technology in the advertising and marketing business.
◆ Investment business
They invest mainly in technology services companies involved in the Internet business in North America and Southeast Asia, as well as in Japan.

---------------【JOB DESCRIPTION】---------------

As a server-side engineer at the client company, you will be active in developing new or ongoing titles.

・ Construction of the entire back-end system for smartphone games from the perspective of the entire system
・ Responsible for a wide range of tasks including design and construction of infrastructure and DevOps
・ It is required to design the entire system including the client-side system operation
・ Development of game server (real-time communication)

・ Development/operation of client SDK for smartphone game common platform
・ Development of tools to improve development efficiency/environment construction

(The charm of this job...)
・ The client company has a large number of hits and has a strong financial base and is focusing on fostering its own IP and global development, so you can sit down and work on game development in an exciting environment.
・ You have the chance to be involved in projects of various genres, such as your own IP title, popular anime IP title, action, and RPG.
・ The emphasis is on dialogue with fans, so you can touch the voice of the player every day and reflect it in the game making.
・ In addition to smartphone games, there are opportunities to develop games for various platforms such as PC, PlayStation4, and Nintendo Switch.
・ There are many excellent staff members such as hit title creators that everyone knows, so you can grow while working hard.

At least 3-5 years of work experience/knowledge or equivalent in the following items:
・ Experience designing/building server-side / backend preferably in PHP
・ Basic knowledge of general middleware
・ Development experience using Apache / MySQL / various KVS
・ Experience designing / constructing / operating the entire system including infrastructure / DevOps

・ IOS / Android application development experience
・ Java / Objective-C programming technology

* Required skills for senior manager candidates
・ Management experience of multiple projects

■Welcome skills/experience
・ Development/operation experience around billing and authentication
・ Legal / accounting business knowledge related to Native games
・ C ++ / C # programming technology

■The person they want
・ Person who can continue to challenge without hitting whether or not hit
・ Person who can work hard to make interesting games and deliver them to players
・ Those who value teamwork and can work with other members


■ Family Support
Family at home, family vacation, nursery school fee assistance
Baby-sitter assistance, reduced working hours / staggered work, family days

■ Lifestyle Support
Neighborhood housing assistance, neighborhood moving assistance
Lunch assistance, snack assistance, in-house massage
Employee stockholding association, corporate-type defined contribution pension, Commuting Allowance, Full Insurance, Housing Allowance

■ Mobile Support
New mobile device purchase assistance

■ Team Building Support
Team building, shuffle lunch
Official club activities, employee exchange events, in-house magazine "G-maga"

【Work Time】


Depends if is a member position or a manager position
5million~ 12 million yen

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This job is no longer available.

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