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Corporate Sales and Business Promotion position in Tokyo

SHIBAMOTO & CO.,LTD - 芝本産業株式会社

SHIBAMOTO & CO.,LTD - 芝本産業株式会社

Job ID
中央区, Tokyo, Japan
Post date
May 27, 2022
Wholesale / Retail
B2B Sales (Business)
Work Type
Contract / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥3.6M ~ ¥6.0M / Year
  • Negotiable


  • English: Business level (preferred)
  • Japanese: Business level (preferred)
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Experience in Corporate Sales


Shibamoto is a trading company based out of Tokyo with a 100 year long history. Starting from a solid foundation in the steel and real estate industries, over our long history we have continuously shifted focus starting new businesses and challenging ourselves in new industries, such as wholesale food products and synthetic fiber round slings.

Two of our most unique initiatives is the establishment of our joint venture with CNH, a world renowned agriculture company, as well as our vast 60ha farm we own in Hokkaido. In the past several years we have taken on the business of importing and selling drones, which led to us starting our own aerial surveying business.

Due in part to our 100 year old history, we are a company that places importance on traditional values and “Doing the right thing right”. However, despite this traditional background we also realize that it is important to keep the company fresh and looking towards the future. We may not always have the right ideas, and there are times when it can be a difficult work environment due to our traditional Japanese office culture, but we will do our best to work with you and listen to your ideas on how we can create a more comfortable environment. If you are someone who is diligent, and who has the passion to help us rejuvenate and modernize ourselves in a post COVID environment, we would like to welcome you to join the team.

Would you like to join our 100 years and counting journey to build and challenge new markets? This opportunity offers tremendous potential to further enhance your professional talents in business, marketing, Japanese, and much more!

You will mainly be involved with two of our departments, but depending on your interests and individual talents, you may be given tasks from other departments, or have the opportunity to transfer to our subsidiaries.

Round sling Business

Our round sling business manufacturers and sells the American patented round sling, Twin-Path®. Twin-Path® is an ultra- lightweight round sling that greatly improves on the problems with wire rope using special fibers. Round slings are a textile rigging tool that can be used to move and transport heavy objects exceeding 100 tons. Due to their lightweight properties they able to improve safety on the job site while reducing the amount of time and number of workers required to set up a lift. Twin-Path® round slings are used by leading Japanese companies in the automobile, power generation, steelmaking, and ship building industries. Your mission in this role will be to enable smooth communication with the supplier in America and to manage the ordering and importing of materials to manufacture the round slings.

Solution Business

Our mission is to expand the user base of the cloud based solution, Site Scan. Site Scan is an application that was developed in the USA and is one part a tablet application for making automatic drone flight plans for aerial drone surveying, and one part browser based cloud application for processing 3D models from captured drone images. With the backdrop of a declining population in Japan, industries such as civil engineering and construction are beginning to look for 3D data to create a more efficient worksite. It is our mission to combat this issue and propose ways Site Scan can be incorporated into their projects. The 3D data output by Site Scan has already started increasing productivity in this field and is making our customers happy. However recently there have been increased demand Site Scan’s data to be used in relation to GIS(Geographic Information Systems) and now we have now been looking to expand our Site Scan business to cover this field as well.

Who we are looking for
● Someone with previous sales experience who is interested in challenging and growing new markets.
● Someone who values team work and is able to communicate effectively with our young staff.
● Someone with previous business experience who is able to play an active role immediately after starting.
● Someone who is able to create their own works and projects and thrives in an environment without a fixed routine or role.
● Team player on the job and also active in enjoying various company activities
● Someone who is able to make business trips to America with their colleagues to act as interpreter multiple times a year.
● Someone who is able to efficiently communicate in Japanese with their colleagues and convey any questions and comments into English for our American supplier

Job Duties
1. Manage and maintain customer data and analyze any market trends that appear.
2. Attend an annual conference in America and discuss with our suppliers about any new technologies or methods to maintain product quality.
3. Support your teammates with communicating their technical inquiries to our supplier in the US.
4. Maintain a relationship with our overseas suppliers via handling confidential documents, email, or exchanging personal messages as required.
5. Work directly with and undertake special requests from key management who are native level English speakers.
6. Learn and understand the business of HFT and New Holland and communicate with the foreign staff working there.
7. Attend a monthly Teams call with Esri America and assist with interpreting planning topics for the meeting.
8. Become familiar with Site Scan and ArcGIS and assist with after sales support by answering phone calls and responding to emails in Japanese.

● Legally permitted to work in Japan
● English: Business Level
● Japanese: Business Level(JLPT2) or above
● Minimum Education: 4 year bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
● Basic PC skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
● Minimum 3 years of hands on sales experience
● Availability to travel domestically and overseas as necessary
● General appreciation for Japan, including the food and culture, and someone looking to have a career for several years, or even permanently.

Preferred Skills
● Experience in B2B sales
● Business writing skills and translation experience
● Experience in a Japanese business environment

● Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.
● Full health and employment insurance per Japanese law
● Enrollment in the national pension plan per Japanese law
● Commuting expenses covered
● Personal vacation days
● Performance bonuses(twice per year)
● Yearly raises(based on evaluation)
● Opportunities to advance to new positions in a stable, established company
● Opportunities to actively participate in international business development
● We provide support on documents required for your visa renewal.








私たちのラウンドスリングビジネスは、アメリカで特許を取得したラウンドスリング、Twin-Path®を製造および販売しています。 Twin-Path®は、特殊な繊維を使用したワイヤーロープの問題を大幅に改善する超軽量の丸型スリングです。ラウンドスリングは、100トンを超える重い物体を移動および輸送するために使用できるテキスタイルリギングツールです。軽量であるため、リフトの設置に必要な時間と作業員の数を減らしながら、現場の安全性を向上させることができます。 Twin-Path®ラウンドスリングは、自動車、発電、製鋼、造船業界の主要な日本企業によって使用されています。この役割でのあなたの任務は、アメリカのサプライヤーとの円滑なコミュニケーションを可能にし、丸いスリングを製造するための材料の注文と輸入を管理することです。






1. 顧客データを管理および維持し、目の前の市場動向を分析する。
2. アメリカでの年次会議に出席し、製品の品質を維持するための新しいテクノロジーや方法についてサプライヤーと話し合う。
3. チームメイトの技術的な問い合わせを米国のサプライヤーに伝えることで、チームメイトをサポートする。
4. 必要に応じて、機密文書、電子メールの処理、または個々に連絡を取り合い、海外のサプライヤーとの関係を維持する。
5. ネイティブレベルの英語を話すキーマネジメントと直接連携し、特別なリクエストを引き受ける。
6. HFTとニューホランドのビジネスを学び、理解し、そこで働く外国人スタッフとコミュニケーションを取る。
7. Esri Americaとの毎月のチームコールに参加し、会議内容の通訳をサポートする。
8. サイトスキャンとArcGISに精通し、電話に応答したり、日本語でメールに返信したりして、アフターセールスサポートを支える。







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