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New Business Engineer/Lead Engineer※(Java/Javascript/C#)|▶HR WEB SERVICE Company (expired)

G Talent at Bizmates, inc.
Job ID
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Nov 15, 2019
Software Engineer, Programmer
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥3.6M ~ ¥7.2M / Year


  • Japanese: Conversational
  • English: Business level
  • Conversational Japanese Skill
  • JAVA, JAVASCRIPT OR C# Working Experience
  • Visa sponsorship available


【About the company ...】

The company is developing cloud services for the human resources industry in Japan and overseas.
The product is a system for recruitment agencies. They develop and operate a system for the entire human resources industry (portable staffing, introduction, outsourcing, recruitment consulting, etc.). The company has grown within the human resources industry for about 20 years and they are strengthening their overseas expansion in Asia, including the Philippines, Singapore, and China.

Now, the company is moving towards listing at the end of 2019.
One of the company's strengths is its business model. Although it is a subscription model, it is currently installed at 1300 companies, ensuring stable revenue. In the future, as the number of companies introducing the company increases overseas, the profits will increase like a snowball. The business model has become a favorable material for listing.

・ Overseas employee ratio: 50 %

・ Overseas employee from Korea, China, India, Kenya, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines

▼ What makes this job attractive?

■ 50% Ratio of Foreign Employees

■You can choose to work from 9 to 6 pm, with the boss authorization
1. New Business Development Engineer-JAVASCRIPT
2. Lead Engineer(Java/Javascript/C#)
【 Job Description 】
1. New Business Development Engineer-JAVASCRIPT

・ Mainly develop and operate Web Service.
・ You will be involved in new function development of Cloud service for human resources business, this is a web application that connects the company service to a web application.

【 Requirements 】
・ Knowledge of Javascript
・ Knowledge from design to construction of backend system
・ Linux experience
・ OOP and design pattern knowledge
・ Interest in technologies such as React and Angular
・ Node.js development experience
・ TypeScript development experience
・ React development experience
・ Java / PHP development experience

・ Application development and operation experience
・ Agile development experience


【 Job Description 】
2. Lead Engineer(Java/Javascript/C#)

・ Mainly develop and operate Web Service.
・ Prototype will be developed in a short period of time and commercialized while verifying UX etc.
・ System Architecture, Code Design, Implementation (mainly Java, Javascript), Bug Fix, Document creation and contents accompanying those work will be explained to Team.
・Actively propose new features and current improvements.
・ You will be responsible for developing the features so that we can release them in high quality.
・Continue to provide quality assurance and improvements for the features in charge after release.
・The service provision infrastructure is mainly in the Cloud environment (Amazon Web Service).
・ Research and development such as search algorithm development and matching system development.
・ Development of Rich Interactive Application using a lot of JavaScript.
・ There are plans to develop mobile applications and large-scale distributed processing.

【 Requirements 】
・ Web Service development experience over 5 years
▲ Knowledge and experience of Object-Oriented Programming and the ability to develop Class Design and Code Design based on it.
・ Flexibility to support JAVA or JavaScript or C # coding skills and other programming languages.
-Deep knowledge of OS, middleware and development language.

-Knowledge of Networking Protocol, Web Server, and Database. The database mainly uses MySQL, but other SQL, No SQL can be supported.

[Wanted Personality]
・Ability to understand your role and leave results on your own.
・ The ability to pull the team to make the function in charge succeed.
・Ability to properly report and consult work reports and problems.
・ Rarely may occur over-hours work when involved in the progress of Project, Deploy, and Emergency Release. Those who can handle late at night overtime work.


【 Welfare 】
Short-time regular employee system
Shareholding system
Stock options grant ****In May 2018, all full-time employees were granted stock options.**
Annual employee training
Permanent award system
All-you-can-drink drinks in-house
Yakiniku Day

【 Holidays】
■ Full weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday), holidays
■ New Year holidays (December 29-January 4)
■ Paid leave

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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