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Russian In-House Staff (Translations & LQA Tester) (expired)

Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd. (株式会社アクティブゲーミングメディア)
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Osaka, Osaka
Post date
Nov 30, 2018
Translation / Interpretation
Translation / Localization
Work Type
Contract / Entry Level
¥170,000 / Month


  • Russian: Native level
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Those who have some experience with translation, whether professional or as hobby


We are currently looking for native Russian speakers to join us as in house staff!
The main responsibilities for this position is split into two.


In-House Translator:
Overseas games (consumer games, online games etc.), as well as Japanese made games are becoming more popular, so your task would be to translate the given text into native Russian. There are other categories that need will be translated in house, such as contracts, manuals, or web pages even.

Russian LQA (Language Quality Assurance Tester):
This requires native Russian language assurance in translated text that has already been implemented in the game. Making sure the translated text sounds natural and native to the player. This includes game dialogue, notifications and other in game text.
While playing the game, not only just checking the text is required, but checking images and general game play of the game on the console or device required. (Ex. If text in an image does not match text on a notification.)
Reporting bugs to the Project Leader, and suggesting corrections for those bugs.


Language Skills:
Mother Tongue: Russian
English: Business Level
Japanese: Daily Conversation (There is a need to communicate with other employees who only speak Japanese)
Visa: Valid Working Visa (No student visas! This is a full time position.)

Preferred Candidates:
Those who like games, and have interest in working in the gaming world,
Those who have experience with translation, whether it be a hobby, freelance or professionally,
Those who have experience with LQA,
Those who have interest in Japanese anime, or movies,
Those who take the initiative to do research on a topic they are unfamiliar with, or for further information on a topic.

Working Schedule:

Contract Type: Contract Employee (Trial Period: First 3 Months)
Overtime: 1 Month less than 10 Hours (Overtime compensation is provided)

Travel Expenses: Fully Covered
Working Hours: 10:00~19:00 (1 hour break)
Holidays: Weekends, National Holidays, End of the Year Holiday
Paid Holidays (In accordance to the law)
Other Employee Benefits: Company Insurance
Visa Sponsorship: Depending on the situation, visa sponsorship is possible

<Example Salary>

【Freelance Translator and Experienced LQA】
Monthly: 180,000¥ (English: Business Level; Japanese: Business Level)
【2 plus years of Freelance Translation Experience】
Monthly: 170,000¥ (English: Business Level; Japanese: Daily Conversation Level)

- Active Gaming Media’s Work Atmosphere -

Our main service is the localization of video games, anime and other media into various different languages from around the world. Just about 70% of the staff here at AGM are from 25 different foreign countries.

The CEO of our company, Active Gaming Media, will be a spokesperson at the World Expo 2025, which will be held in Osaka. This even is to represent the appeal of Japan, and the government of this country, and we will be a part of it.



【ロシア語のLQA(Linguistic Quality Assurance)テスター】





・給与  :月給制(月10時間以下の残業可能性あり)  
・休日  :土曜・日曜・祝日・年末年始

 月額180,000円以上 (英語ビジネスレベル、日本語ネイティブレベル)
月額170,000円以上 (英語ビジネスレベル、日本語日常会話レベル)



また弊社は、代表取締役のイバイ・アメストイが、2025年に大阪での開催が決定した「万博博覧会2025」(World Expo2025)の最終プレゼンテーションのスピーカーとして登壇したり、日本政府が世界に向けて日本をPRするためのコマーシャルに出演するなど、政府からも注目されている企業です。

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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