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DATA(Scientist/Architect/Analysis PL/Prod Dev Eng) |Japan No. 1 Platform (expired)

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Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Sep 5, 2019
Information Technology
Database Design / Development
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥5.4M ~ ¥12.6M / Year


  • Japanese: Business level
  • Able to write and speak Japanase
  • Data Analysis Experience
  • Visa sponsorship available



A company that develops Japan’s largest platform business. It has Japan’s No. 1 platform in all scenes such as employment, marriage, and housing. The world’s No. 1 job site is also part of the company and is a world-renowned technology company that represents Japan.

Data utilization that creates value from big data for the group businesses and services.

- Find business and service issues and will be in charge of all proposals, introductions, and implementations of big data solutions.
-Analyze and design based on business issues and create specific outputs and models.
* There are also steady operations related to analysis such as data cleaning.

What's attractive about this job?

You can engage in data across the services of the company's group, or you can use data deeply into the service. Rather than simply analyzing and reporting, you need to work in consideration of business and service growth. You can make a direct impact on the business.

Required Skills
■ We welcome those who have experience in any of the following operations for a few years and are motivated by a data utilization career:
・ Direction of system development (Web application)
・ Data analysis for strategy/system consulting
・ Analysis work at a company specialized in data analysis
・ Data analysis/marketing operations using access log data at internet companies
・ Experience in requirement definition and basic design in DWH system/information system construction project

■ Communication skills
・ Work with planners and marketers who have no expertise in data analysis.
・ It is required to communicate the results effectively to the staff and management of the business department.

■ Challenge to new things
・ Curious about new knowledge and technology
・ There is no resistance to moving hands or learning new things
・ We have an antenna in the industry and update information on our own

[Skills that are desirable]
・ Be familiar with BI tools such as Cognos and Tableau
・ Experience working with large datasets
・ Experience using distributed computing such as Hadoop / Hive
・ Can handle script languages ​​freely such as Python / PHP



Based on big data obtained from various services in the group, you will be in charge of consistent data management work from upstream to downstream to realize BI tool utilization such as planning and construction of data platform.


1. Construct from data lake and data analysis infrastructure architecture studies on the cloud such as AWS and GCP
2. Providing analysis applications centered on BI such as Tableau
3. Data mart design and construction that makes easy to use analysis work and report creation

What's attractive about this job?

Besides responding to orders from businesses, we can also propose data utilization methods from here. We will work with data management personnel on the business side and site managers to create an optimal environment using the latest technology. After the proposal, it is possible to proceed independently from design to construction/operation and improvement.

Required Skills

[Data management/analysis experience]
・ Person who can derive necessary data to solve business problems
・ Persons who are good at organizing data before analyzing data
・ Those who are interested in not only analyzing data but also utilizing the analyzed data in business

[Experience of project promotion]
・ Persons who can actively promote the construction of information systems such as big data infrastructure
・ Those who can proceed with work while building consensus with others
・ Those who have experience of construction and operation at SIer

◆ Desirable experience
・ Experience using DWH and BI tools (Tableau, etc.)
・ Data modeling and data management experience
・ Project promotion experience
・ Persons with experience in web system service/infrastructure design and construction.



The company's department provides data-driven services that solve all problems by combining “technology” and “data”. In this recruitment position, you will be responsible for the development work in order to deploy business improvements to each operating company.

The company is looking for people who can promote projects that use data technology so that more people can concentrate on work by reducing the workload of each business with a large number of clients and customers


The department provides data-driven services that solve all problems by combining “technology” and “data”. In order for AI technology to grow in the world, we make full use of new technologies and skills to solve advanced problems in Japan and contribute to business sales and improve business productivity.

To improve productivity it is the job of the business improvement system development leader.

Required Skills

1. Those who have system knowledge.
-Standard system knowledge such as software development/operation experience, system development and operation knowledge using any programming language.
・ Those who have over 5 years of experience in development work.
2. Those with communication skills
・ Being promoted on a scale of over 10 people and meeting with the business, you can listen and understand well and can arrange where the points are while talking.
3. Those who can work independently with passion
・ Those who are passionate and able to work on the improvement of operations using RPA and AI / Cognitive.

◆ Desirable experience
■ Project management business
・ Organization of service requirements, design, promotion of connection to sales/sales strategy
・ KGI / KPI formulation, promotion system design, process construction
・ In-house adjustment, plan proposal
・ Organization of service requirements
・ Estimates, negotiations, contracts, cost management
・ Assess and organize operations that have a large impact on the business
・ Analyze operational issues and establish a cycle for improvement



The company solves the operation problems of each business using Machine Learning Solutions. The role of the group is to improve the accuracy of models installed in machine learning products. Products with functions such as regression, classification, and recommendations are released and improved in cooperation with other departments.
This is a position where you can work as a project leader from the same team of data scientists, engineers from different organizations, and business representatives to understand issues, propose and execute solutions, verify and implement measures as a project leader.

[Specific operations]

1. Promote data analysis projects using skills related to data science
・ Collect and organize information necessary to solve problems, and formulate a project plan that summarizes the appropriate scope, system, and schedule
・ Concerning model construction to solve problems, study population, objective variables, explanatory variables, algorithms, etc., and perform analysis design
・ Review members' deliverables appropriately to ensure quality
・ Always be aware of whether the project is going to solve business problems, and if necessary, adjust the scope while coordinating with the parties concerned.
2. Product implementation support
-While collaborating with engineers from other teams, understand the operating environment of existing products, consider where to install the system, and make a plan for implementation in the production environment
・ Based on the implementation plan, perform detailed design at the script level and share it with members
3. AB test design and implementation support
・ Design AB tests for calculating product effects appropriately
・ Collaborate with engineers from other teams to support the implementation of AB testing in a production environment

What's attractive about this job?

・ Because there is a mechanism for catching up on cutting-edge technologies and a culture of supplying information and studying among members, a wide range of knowledge and skills can be acquired.
・ Highly technical members are available to gain experience in advanced machine learning projects.
・ Because not only the technology but also business commitment is centered on the project, business skills are improved.

Required Skills

Those who have experience that applies to the following two points
・ Those who have more than 3 years of data analysis experience
・ Those who have more than 2 years project experience

・ Experience designing and implementing core algorithms for machine learning products as members
・ Experience implementing algorithms with which he was involved in collaboration with engineers
・ Experience solving business problems by introducing machine learning products
・ Experience in reading multiple projects in parallel and achieving results in each project

◆ Desirable experience
・ Project planning experience using machine learning
・ Development experience of young data scientists

◆ Character Traits
Those who want to produce greater results while involving more people than moving their own hands


A Standard of 7.5 working hours a day


-Health insurance, long-term care insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, and workmen's accident insurance
-Bonus twice a year (June and December)
-Late night/holiday work allowance, additional premium allowance, commuting transportation expenses (according to our regulations)
-Employee shareholding system, childcare leave system, maternity leave system, nursing leave system, lump-sum retirement allowance system, etc.

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This job is no longer available.

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