Teach English, Enjoy Japan: Be an ALT! (April 2020 Start)(到期)

Borderlink (株式会社ボーダーリンク)

Borderlink (株式会社ボーダーリンク)

琦玉 Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Nagano
合同 / 应届毕业生
¥220,000 ~ ¥250,000/月


  • 英语: 母语水准
  • 12 years of education where English was the medium of instruction (all subjects)
  • University graduate with bachelor’s degree or higher (any field)
  • Able to commit to a full year contract with minimal consecutive absences
  • Strong desire to work with young learners (15 years or lower)
  • 提供签证担保


It's the start of a new decade! Where do you see yourself going in 2020? Are you thinking about making some life changes? Are you looking to embark on an exciting new adventure? Would you like to experience life in another country? Do you love the thought of living and working in Japan? If any of these apply, then we here at Borderlink have an exciting offer for you!

We're currently hiring Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) for positions starting from April 2020. Teach English in public schools and enjoy fulfilling work that also gives you the freedom to explore and enjoy your life abroad! Whether it's your first time here or you're looking to continue staying, being an ALT is a great way to experience Japan!

Are you already in the country? We're waiting for your application! Whether you're continuing your career as an educator or looking to start one up, now's the time to secure a position close to your area! Get some peace of mind knowing you'll have work lined up for the spring and beyond!

Are you living abroad? Your pathway to Japan is still open! We are continuing our overseas hiring, and there's still time to prepare for your international journey. But this opportunity won't last forever. The window is closing soon, so read and on and apply today to take your first step into the world of teaching English in Japan!

>>Being an ALT

ALTs work in public elementary and junior high schools, teaching alongside Japanese teachers. It's a totally different way to experience Japan and an infinitely enriching way to see the world. You'll get to do things and try things you never imagined, and all the while you'll be imparting your own knowledge and experience onto another generation. It's not just a job, but a life-changing experience, and one that's just waiting for you!

ALTs have the opportunity to:

● Teach English in the classroom and beyond - share new perspectives and culture all day long!
● Build relationships with your students and fellow co-teachers, and get involved with your local community!
● Get to experience a side of Japanese culture that you normally wouldn't as a tourist!
● Participate in school festivals, attend musical recitals, play outside with the students during recess - the list goes on and on!


We're looking for highly motivated, outgoing, and personable individuals who can commit to the full academic year- it takes time to foster relationships with fellow teachers and students, and we owe it to them to provide a stable and enjoyable learning environment. Please remember that when you sign on to be a teacher, it is more than just signing a contract. It's making a promise, and embarking on a journey- be sure you're ready and willing to see it through to the end.

Additionally, successful applicants should possess the following:

● Bachelor's degree (in any field)
● 12 years of education where the medium of instruction was English
● Have strong verbal and written communication skills
● Being in good health
● Be an excellent team player


We love to retain talent- today's good teacher is tomorrow's great one, and we want to maintain a strong roster of professional instructors in the Borderlink family. For that reason, our annual contracts are renewable, and we always welcome back those who maintain good relationships with their schools and the office. There are even career growth opportunities for our veteran ALTs, such as becoming an area facilitator or joining our administrative team.

Other benefits include:

● No teaching experience? No problem! We provide initial training, seasonal training, as well as on-the-job training, to ensure that you are ready and have all the tools necessary to succeed in the classroom.
● Access to teaching materials and our library of educational resources (worksheets, flashcards, etc.)
● Support with obtaining & renewing a visa, setting up banking and locating housing.
● Round-the-clock support - We understand it's not easy moving to and living in a new country, so we provide all of the assistance needed to live and work comfortably.
● Work regular school hours (usually between 8 AM to 5 PM) and enjoy free evenings, weekends and national holidays, plus school vacation periods.

You can enjoy a work-life balance that lets you grow professionally, while also having the time to explore and enjoy Japan and its culture. And when it comes to the job, if you're willing to learn and are open to new experiences, we can and want to help you! The schools and students we work with want the best, and we'll make sure you are the best!

>>About Borderlink

We have been working in the education industry for nearly 20 years now, and we're proud to be one of the most respected and well-known organizations today. We value the work of our employees, and as we grow to be the best ALT recruiter in Japan, we will continually strive to provide the help and support they deserve.

Many past ALTs speak highly of their experience with us, and we're happy that we have a large number of former employees return or recommend friends and family to work with us. Along with that, we are currently in the process of expanding out into the rest of Japan, and are looking for fresh and new talent. You could be the person we're looking for!

Does this sound like the opportunity you've been seeking? Then what are you waiting for? There's still time to apply, and we encourage you to do so now! Take that first step towards your new adventure today! Thank you for your interest in Borderlink. Let's believe in your possibility together!

*Already in Japan and looking for part-time positions? You're welcome to apply! Please see the application form on our website for more.

**Please note that as we receive a high number of applicants, only those who pass the initial screening will be contacted for an interview.



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