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◆Smartphone Online Game Company◆|Full Stack,Server-side, Native(UNITY) Engineer (expired)

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Job ID
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Oct 16, 2019
Information Technology
Software Engineer, Programmer
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥3.5M ~ ¥5.5M / Year


  • Japanese: Business level
  • Able to write and speak Japanase
  • Visa sponsorship available


【About the company ...】
The company wants to deliver the most exciting ”to the world”. As a mission, they plan, develop and operate games for smartphones.
・ Four titles developed are in the top 10 store sales
・ 3 titles with more than 3 years of operation (including overseas)
・ Developing large new works for release after 2019

The company has its own development process from character design to scenario production. The company is consistently making original games and the feeling of speed is also fast when it comes to proposing, deciding, and reviewing the cycle. Through partnerships with BIG Game companies they provide services to many users.

-------------------------【Job Description】-------------------------

■Full-Stack Engineer (New Business)
★ Recruitment of new business startup members ★
The company is planning to launch a new business.
First, the service they are currently working on, a Fan Community App. They are looking for people who can lead to success together.

You will be involved in a new business development project and will be responsible for a wide range of tasks from applications to infrastructure.
Specific work:
・ Application development, operation and management
・ AWS environment construction / operation / management
・ System design and implementation for realizing new functions
・ Performance improvements such as improved response speed
-Isolation and resolution of problems at the time of failure
・ Security support

【Development environment】

Development Language:Objective-C, Java
Framework: Android SDK, Xcode, React, React Native
Project management: Git
Other: AWS
■Native (UNITY) Engineer
You will be in charge of the development of the native screen.

Specific work
・ Develop native part of new title
・Each game screen and user interface construction, overall design including screen transition
・ If necessary,directing and scheduling consultation with planner or designer
・ Graphic design of the entire UI according to the UI design specifications and game concept
・ Examination and production of dynamic production

Development environment
Development Language: Objective-C, C #, Java
Framework: Unity, Android SDK, Xcode
Project management: Git, Jenkins

■Server-side Engineer
You will be in charge of server-side programming.

Specific work
・New server-side Java programming
・ Server-side Java programming of events with operational titles
・ Smartphone game server construction and operation
・ System design and implementation for realizing new functions
・ Performance improvements such as improved response speed
・Isolation and resolution of problems at the time of failure

Development environment
Development language: Java
Development environment (framework, etc.): SpringFramework, Tomcat, Jetty, MySQL, Elasticsearch, AWS
Project management: Git, Subversion, Jenkins

-------------------------【Qualification requirements】-------------------------

■Full-Stack Engineer (New Business)
・ Mobile application or Web application Full Stack Engineer experience.

・ AWS system construction experience
・ Launched a new business project

Desired person:
・ Those who can make proposals from the viewpoint of user experience
・ People who like to enjoy themselves and enjoy others

■Native (UNITY) Engineer
・ Development experience in C #

・ Work experience in the game industry
・ Design experience using design patterns
・ Implementation experience of memory management tools
・ Development experience in C ++
・ Development experience using Xcode, AndroidStudio, Unity
・ Experience using git and SVN tools
・ Experience using CI tools such as Jenkins

■Server-side Engineer
・ Development experience in Java

・ Work experience in the game industry
・ Experience in infrastructure development

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

【Working conditions & treatment】
<Estimated annual salary>
3.5 to 5.5 million yen

<Working hours>

Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday)
Summer holidays
Year-end and New Year holidays
Congratulations and condolences leave

■Bonus 2 times a Year
■ Transportation expenses
☞ Upper limit 50,000 yen
■ Fixed overtime allowance
■ Employees' pension
■ Health insurance
☞ Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
■ Employment insurance
■ Industrial accident insurance
■ Club activity allowance ¥ 2,000 / month
☞ Futsal Club / Treasure Hunt Club / Movie Club etc.
■ Exchange meeting allowance for each team ¥ 4,000 / month
☞ A party is held every month by the team for each title.
■ Professional association ¥ 1,000 / month
☞ Monthly luncheons and roundtables are held for each occupation.

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This job is no longer available.

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