FT English Teachers for Kids - Osaka(期限切れ)

Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. (株式会社興学社)
大阪府 Shin Osaka
教育 / 講師
正社員 / 中途・役職なし
月給 25万5000円 ~ 27万5000円
  • Travel Expenses, Encouragement of Japanese learning*
  • 英語: 母国語レベル
  • 現在日本在住の方に限ります
Creative & enthusiastic English teachers needed for our kids!
Friendly co-workers and working atmosphere.

Since we take care of small children, people who love working with kids and have experiences are especially welcome!

Also we emphasize teamwork to build a better working environment.
Other than regular lessons, we plan a lot of fun events.
Ex: Day Camp, Halloween Party, Xmas Party, etc., throughout a year.
Through these activities, we encourage kids to have cross-cultural experiences with long lasting fun memories.

<Work Place&Hrs>
Kindergarten (20~30ppl/class 9:00~19:00)
Location:Kansai Region
*The main office is located in Shin-Osaka.

For further information about work places, please refer to our Home page.

1. Native Speaker
2. Energetic and enthusiastic
3. Must love working with children
4. Good understanding of cultural differences
5. Proper working visa

<Work Condition>
Actual working hrs: 7h per shift, 40hrs/5days a wk.
Weekends off. (Sat and Sun)

<Salary and Benefits package>
275,000yen with 4 year degree with full compensation for commuting expenses.

After completing contracts, your work is evaluated and given a bonus.

Sat&Sun, Golden wk, National holidays, Summer holidays, Winter holidays and 10 paid holidays.

*Japanese language education allowance.
We encourage teachers to have a better understanding of the Japanese language and culture by reimbursing partial tuition fees for Japanese language school.
Pass JPLT 3 and above adds additional allowance every month.(Max 10,000yen/month)

Health insurance system provided.

<How to apply>
Please submit a resume and a cover letter, detailing which position you are interested in and your reasons to apply.

In your resume, please include the following information:
2.Date of Birth
4.Place of residence
5.Current visa status

We are sorry for that we are not able to respond to all applicants. Please note only candidates who pass the initial screening process will be contacted.



Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. (株式会社興学社)

Established in 1983, Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. is involved in many facets of education and training. Our goal is to provide students with skills that they will value for the rest of their lives. We believe the starting point of "true education" is "interactive education" and since the founding of Kohgakusha, we have been demonstrating to society the worth of this idea by integrating "interactive education" into our curriculum. Education that simply forces students to study is not effective. We encourage students to set their own goals and achieve them with the support and guidance of teachers and parents.

We believe that English is not only a spoken language, but also a living culture. Ever since opening our first English language division in 1994, we have experienced continual demand for English communication skills, and have been providing students with various unique methods that offer a complete English language experience.

Though a prolonged recession has forced many companies to face bankruptcy or dramatically reduce staffing, Kohgakusha has flourished and continues to expand. We plan to open more schools in the coming years and continue to hire qualified English teachers for placement in our English language divisions.

We are looking for enthusiastic and talented teachers to join our team.

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