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English School Kindergarten (expired)

Clover Corporation Inc. (株式会社 クローバーコーポレーション)

Clover Corporation Inc. (株式会社 クローバーコーポレーション)

Job ID
Suita City, Osaka
Post date
Jan 18, 2013
Education / Teaching
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥230,000 ~ ¥280,000 / Month
  • Negotiable


  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Native language is English
  • Work long-term
  • Intermediate Japanese


◎Job Summary
☆Our new school is a kindergarten/nursery/pre-school integrating English into all subjects.
Spend each day in an English speaking environment to develop children’s learning in a natural way.
Language, math, science, culture, sports, crafts, music, social studies are just some of the subjects being taught here. Japanese culture and songs also give them appreciation of Japanese heritage.

◎Working Conditions 
☆Monday-Saturday ①9:00~18:00 ②9:30~18:30(1hour break)
☆Holiday: Sundays, national holidays, Golden Week, summer(3days), winter(8days), others.

☆Health insurance . Employee’s pension. Accident insurance.

☆Care for children aged 2-6 years nurturing their development to age-appropriate education.
☆2-3 year old children, toilet training and possibly changing diapers.
☆Share responsibilities during play time, circle time and lesson planning.
☆In addition to a daily schedule incorporating tuition, free time, park time, lunch, nap etc. It’s imperative to cooperate and work alongside Japanese staff to support children’s growth and education.
☆Loves being with children.

☆Native language is English.
☆Previous teaching experience is preferred.
☆Basic understanding of Japanese.
☆Whilst spending your time using English, Japanese children will use words and actions to show their feelings. It is paramount that these are tried to be understood (please check ‘our wish to support’ on our website).
☆A desire to be a long term part of CLOVER family.
☆A visa which permits you to work as a full time teacher in Japan.

◎CLOVER’s Philosophy
☆Children aged between 2 – 6 years old absorb all the experiences they encounter every day to continue growth. Thus the presence of an education has a significant impact on their future.

This is the most important period of time for a child to grow and to better understand the significance of education. We aim to provide them with a sense of mission to aid in their development.


    ☆Engish School イマジンJAPAN CLOVER児童園です。

    ☆月~土 ①9:00~18:00 ②9:30~18:30 (休憩1時間)フルタイム
    ☆ 休日  日曜日・祝日・GW・夏季(3日)・冬季(8日)・その他休園日有り

●待遇  ☆社会保険・厚生年金・労災

    ☆遊びを取り入れて学べる様に、Circle Timeの内容を考え、授業をしてもらいます。
    ☆母国語が英語  ☆子供が大好きな方
    ☆講師経験者 優遇 
    ☆日本語の出来る方 優遇・・・英語で過ごす中でも、小さな子供達は日本語をつかいます。
     出会いや、出来事をすべて吸収し、教育者の存在は 子供達の未来に大きく影響します。
     成長する中で最も大切な時期に、子供達と過ごし、教育していく事の重大さを 良く理解し、
     そして、子供達の未来を明るく照らす使命感を抱き、子供達と共に 成長出来る方を望んで
     又、CLOVER Familyとして、長期間、勤務して頂ける方を希望します。

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