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Teacher/ Instructor (Social Studies) (expired)



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豊田郡大崎上島町, Hiroshima
Post date
Dec 6, 2019
Education / Teaching
Licensed, Certified Teacher, Professor
Work Type
Contract / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥5,600 ~ ¥5,600 / Hour


  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Basic
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Visa sponsorship available


Job description
- Target students for AY 2020: Grades 7 ,8
- Support MYP Social Studies.
- Support project based learning classes for Integrated Studies.
- Liaise with other MYP classes to enhance the immersion education strategy of HiGA.
- Support afterschool English Immersion Activities.
- Attend professional development opportunities (e.g. IB MYP workshops)
- Curriculum design
- Attend the teachers’ meetings.
- Support entrance examination preparation.
- Support the IB authorization work.
- To support the ICT work (including ManageBac)
- To support the homeroom teacher
- General support roles issued by the principal
* We expect him/her to teach Individuals and Societies in the IBDP.
* Your working time will be scheduled according to the term calendar.
* Job Commencing April 1st.

Subject to change by Hiroshima Prefecture.
1. Work place: Okushi, Osakikamijima-cho, Toyota-gun,
2. Salary and support: 5,600 yen/hour (Salary term: monthly salary based on hourly rate and days per month).
Performance bonus: 1,300,000 yen per year.
Expected annual salary (including bonus): up to 8,300,000 yen
Allowance: transportation allowance (Public Transportation 4,666 JPD, upper limit, but it depends on your residence.)
3. Health insurance: Employee Pension, Employment Insurance (Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education covers the half of the total cost).
You are to pay for the cost below.
■ Health insurance
Under 40 years old : 31,000 yen / month
Over 40 years old : 36,363 yen / month
■ Employee pension
56,730 yen / month
■ Employment insurance premiums : 1,893 yen / month
■ Income tax will be based on your monthly salary earnings (changeable according to the number of your working days).
■ Residence tax will be based on last year’s salary earnings (payment organized independently of the school in the first year).

4. Working hours:
Weekdays: 10:30-18:00 including 45minute break. In case of work on Sat. 8:25-15:55 including 45 minute break

5. Working shifts and Day off
(1) Working shift
The head of school will decide the working shifts from Monday to Saturday according to the timetable.
(2) Day off
Maximum monthly working days shall be 20 days and maximum annual working days shall be about 190 days. Average monthly working days will be 17 days with possible fluctuations above and below on seasonal vacations, consecutive leaves such as “Golden week”, and school events.
(3) An Annual paid holiday is 16 days (minimum of 5 days must be taken).

6. Requirements
English Level: Native level, If non-native, equivalent to CEFR C1 level
Japanese Level: Basic (Preferable)
Cover letter: Required/ Please include your educational philosophy in the cover letter
Visa Sponsorship: Available

Requirements*: To fall under any of the following 1), 2) or 3),
1) To have experience teaching Social studies or Economics (Economics desired) at a similar school or educational institution in Japan
2) To have experience working in a specialized field relating to the subject that you will apply for (at the private company or the overseas educational institutions.)
3) To have an overseas teaching license for the subject that you will apply for (Preferably to have teaching experience in an IB school.)

7. The following people are ineligible to apply
(1) An adult ward or a warrantee
(2) A person who has been sentenced to imprisonment or other severe punishment or currently under indictment.
(3) A person who has been given a dishonorable discharge or an undesirable discharge by the Hiroshima Prefecture or Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education and within the past two years.
(4) A person who has been had his/her teacher's certificate revoked within the past three years.
(5) A person who is a member of the Personnel Commission or the Equity Commission who has been sentenced to the penalties due to the discrimination or breach of confidentiality.
(6) A person who has formed or joined a political party or other organization, which supports destruction of the Constitution of Japan or the national government formed under it through violence, on or after the date when the Constitution of Japan went into effect.

8. Ideal candidate
1. Motivation / Values
1-1. Strong sympathy for the missions, visions and values of the school
1-2. A high ethical sense and a strong responsibility for education
1-3. The empathy and passion necessary to enable them to be deeply involved in the learning, living, and well-being of students in a boarding school system
1-4. Motivation to continue research on and development of advanced education and keep on conducting such education
1-5. Diversity of perspectives and awareness as a global citizen
1-6. Motivation to try to show leadership and actively work with team members with diverse backgrounds
1-7. Motivation to be actively involved in the local community in Osakikamijima Town and the global network
2. Knowledge / Skills
2-1. High degree of expertise in their subjects (knowledge and skills concerning educational content)
2-2. High English proficiency
2-3. Facilitation skills to foster deep thinking among students
2-4. Strong commitment to the inquiry-based learning and the project-based education
2-5. Strong commitment to the philosophy and educational programs of the International Baccalaureate
2-6. Ability to engage in extracurricular activities and develop concept learning and hands-on learning through inquiring
2-7. Accountability for the physical and mental development and academic achievement levels of students

9. Recruiting steps
- 1st step: Document screening
The BoE will contact only those who passed the document screening to arrange the date for interview.
- 2nd Step: Interview
The candidates are required to bring the necessary qualification or certificates such as the residence card and teaching license.
The candidates are required to make a lesson plan and prepare materials following the given format and conditions prior to the interview. He/she can choose the best topic and create his/her own lesson plan.
The candidate will bring the lesson plan to the interview and have a 15-minute demo lesson in an office-like room. He/she can bring materials if necessary. Not all the materials are to be brought for this demo lesson. The school staffs will be present to evaluate the demo lesson, while they act as students. We will see how you design the lesson and interact with learners. A Q & A session about the demo lesson will be expected afterwards.
The BoE will give notification about the result to all the candidates and will contact the successful applicants.

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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