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フロントエンドエンジニア / Front end engineer (expired)

Inbound Technology株式会社
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Post date
Sep 13, 2018
Software Engineer, Programmer
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥3.5M ~ ¥5.0M / Year
  • Negotiable


  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Application development experience using game engine (Unity, cocos 2 d - x)
  • Web application development experience using Javascript framework
  • iOS, Android application development experience
  • Visa sponsorship available


【Job Overview】
We will work together with engineers, planners, directors, designers and so on to create a single game.
Recent game industry is a world without correct answers in all.
While trying hard with engineer members and other sections, each and every one will do their best for the product,
It is a worthwhile job to create correct answers by themselves.
In addition, due to the characteristics of social games, while experiencing user feedback in real time,
It is a challenging environment where you can clear various challenges with elite members with professional technical skills and grow together.
Slogans listed as an in-house group are "going beyond the highest"
Let's make a game that goes beyond the best, as the world is surprised!

[About the environment where engineers work]
· All the engineers are provided with Mac, and two displays of 27 inches are provided for the display. We are focusing on improving the development environment.
· Agile development is the main development style, and Scrum and Kanban are introduced for each phase of the project. As we are introducing Scrum Development, we are aiming to create self-organizing team by all engineers,
It is up to the discretion of the team members to decide who will take charge of tasks, how to proceed, how to introduce technology.
· Share source code with github, bitbucket, and do a source review actively. The culture of trying to improve the quality of the code throughout the team is rooted.
· The source code has the idea of ​​"reading". How to write code that is easy to read and intuitively transmitted intuitively
Culture to discuss and code throughout the team is rooted.
· In order to deliver more valuable products to users more quickly, we are actively introducing test code, CI. When pull request is issued, the test is automatically executed and the result is fed back.
· We have introduced Slack throughout the company, and it is an environment where you can exchange information easily on line online.
· We also offer two types of careers, technical specialists and managers.

【Job Description】
We are designing and implementing our own title games with speed and optimization as mission.
You can have design and implementation experience assuming high load!

【Essential skills / experience】
Those who fall into one or more of the following

· Application development experience using game engine (Unity, cocos 2d-x)
· Web application development experience using Javascript framework
· IOS, Android application development experience

【Welcome skills / experience】
Those who have such experiences are welcome!

· Large scale web application / experience developing social games
· Object-oriented design and development experience
· Understanding of architecture such as MVC / MVVM
· Native game development experience for iOS / Android
· Team development experience with team of 5 or more
Personality desired
· People who can commit while involving surroundings about what they are assigned to and what they want to realize
· Interested in programming · Interested and highly motivated
· Consumers / Social users who love games
Required qualification · license
Required language · level

[Front-end development environment]
· Development language: JavaScript, C ++, C #
· Game Engineer: Cocos 2d-JS, Cocos 2d-x, Unity
· Library: Q, Lodash, SuperAgent, Boombox, UniRx
· Development environment: Vagrant, AESEC 2
· IDE: PHPStorm, WEBStorm, Rider
· Others: CocoStudio

【Development style】
· Scrum development
· Project using JIRA / task progress
In case
· Transportation expenses full payment
· Neighborhood allowance (20,000 yen / month)
· Once a year for salary increase
· Bonuses Once a year (January)
· In-house board game competition (optional participation)
· Lending of display
· Internal study group
· Department activity support
· Free medical examination
· Social insurance complete
· Trial period 3 months
Other requirements

【Working hours】
· Time difference work system (optional starting from 8: 00 ~ 11: 00)
· Actual work 8 hours
· 1 hour break
Holiday / Vacation
· Full weekly two day system (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
· Annual paid leave (grant 10 days after joining company)
· Summer vacation (time of Bon Festival)
· New Year's Holiday (December 29 - January 3)
· Congratulations on holiday
· Childcare · nursing · nursing care leave
Assumed salary
Annual income 3.5 million yen ~ 5 million yen
In addition, there is an incentive bonus to distribute 10% of profits





・iOS, Androidアプリの開発経験


・コンシューマ/ ソーシャル問わずゲーム好きな方

・開発言語:JavaScript、C++, C#



・時差出勤制 (始業 8:00~11:00から任意)
年収 350万円〜500万円

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This job is no longer available.

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