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AI Engineer / Programmer (expired)

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Yoyogi, Tokyo
Post date
May 18, 2018
Information Technology
Software Engineer, Programmer
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥250,000 ~ ¥350,000 / Month
  • Negotiable


  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Visa sponsorship available


1、仕事内容:Job Description

深層学習(Deep Learning)を中心とした人工知能(AI)技術を活用したプロダクトの開発と研究を行います。

We will develop and research products utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology centered on deep learning (Deep Learning).
Even if you are not experienced, senior engineers will guide you.
We consistently carry out design, manufacturing (programming), testing, so we can be involved in all processes.
The inside of the company is quiet and clean. The environment is settled so that you can settle down on your work calmly.
We are waiting for those who can utilize ideas and wisdom to develop advanced products.

2、主な業務内容:Main work content

・Google社のCloud Vision APIを使ったプロダクトの開発と研究
・Google社のCloud Speech APIを使ったプロダクトの開発と研究
・Amazon Echoを使った対話型サービスの開発
・Google HOMEを使った対話型サービスの開発

· Incorporating AI into our products (design, manufacture, testing)
· Product development and research using Google's Tensorflow
· Product development and research using Google's Cloud Vision API
· Product development and research using Google's Cloud Speech API
· Development of interactive service using Amazon Echo
· Development of interactive service using Google HOME
· Development of Face Recognition System by Video Analysis
· Development and research of VR applications using HTC's VR machine and NVIDIA's GPU
· Development and research of AR applications for smartphones

3、応募資格:Qualification requirements

必須の経験/能力/Mandatory experience / ability
・C#、Python 等の開発経験が1年以上ある方
望ましい経験/能力/Desirable experience / ability

Mandatory experience / ability
· One with more than one year of development experience in C #, Python etc.
· Mind to proactively promote projects
· Even if you have experienced the above development or are inexperienced, those who are faster to catch up new languages, those who are motivated to learn are welcome.
Desirable experience / ability
· Experience in using deep learning framework
· Deep learning model implementation experience
· High logical thinking ability
· Mathematical deep knowledge (linear algebra · statistics / probability · calculus)

4、雇用形態:正社員/Employment form: Full-time employee



Monthly salary / bonus twice a year
* Based on skill, work experience, previous year's income, we will decide according to our company regulations

6、給与改定/Salary revision

定期改定:年1回/Periodic revision: once a year

7、就業時間/Working hours


9: 00~17: 30 or 9: 30~18: 00
(7 hours 30 minutes in actual work, break between 12: 00-13: 00) Overtime worked overtime



9、休日・休暇/Holiday / Vacation




Full weekly two day system (Saturday · Sunday), National holidays, New Year's holidays

A vacation
Annual paid vacation, condolence vacation, vacation before and after childbirth, child care / nursing care leave
Other special leave (relief holiday, birthday vacation etc.) is available according to other service period

10、勤務地/Work location

Head Office or Hatsudai Plant

11、求める人物像/Personality desired


· High motivation for growth, aggressive in challenging
· People constantly pursuing new skills and knowledge
· People who value teamwork by respecting the power and motivation of their peers
· Those who are acting to work on anything in first person

12、企業PR/company PR


• アルゴリストは最短ルートを探す 最小の労力で最大の効果を得ることを目指します。仕事の効率化やコストカットに直結します。労力を減らすルートを探すのは、アルゴリストの得意とすると


• アルゴリストは常に一歩前進をねらう 満足や最高はありません。すべてが途中経過です。謙虚に、着実に進みます。

• アルゴリストは生まれたての感性をもつ 大敵は、先入観や一般論。見慣れた景色を、新鮮な気持ちで堪能できる感性が必須です。

People constantly thinking about the best way to work without satisfying the current situation and the result to the customer, that is, the algorithm to get the customer

We created the word "Algorist" from the "algorithm" which means how to solve the problem and how to do it. Observing a little more finely,

• Algorist aims to obtain the maximum effect with minimum effort to find the shortest route. It leads directly to work efficiency and cost cutting. Searching for a route that

reduces labor is to be good at Algorist.

• Algorist always has the satisfaction and the highest goal for a step forward. Everything is in progress. Humility, steadily progress.

• Algo Lis is a prejudice and general theory of an enemy with fresh sensibility. Sensibility that you can enjoy with familiar scenery with fresh feelings is essential.

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