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Pasona Global / 株式会社パソナ グローバル事業本部

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We are global specialist, supporting candidates who can speak two or more languages to find a globalized job in or outside Japan.
We have clients from a wide range of industries ranging from manufacturing, trading, distribution and services,
IT, finance, consulting company. Also, we do support candidates from entry level to management position in the company.
For those who wish to work overseas, we do held events regularly to provide you with the know-how information to live and work abroad

Why work for us

PASONA GLOBAL will be hosting its renowned "JOB-Haku" events throughout Japan and abroad during 2018.
Locations include: 東京/Tokyo, 福岡/Fukuoka, 大阪/Osaka, 名古屋/Nagoya, 台北/Taipei (For people with both Mandarin & Japanese) & 大阪/Osaka

“Job haku” is a general term for global job fairs that cater to foreign students in Japan and Japanese people looking for work overseas. We host seminars that provide foreign students with the know-how to find employment in Japan, as well as exhibitions and symposiums from major companies and even job applicant screenings.

Other services available;
・Advice and resources on how to make effective and professional CVs in Japanese
・Free consultation with one of our experienced career advisers in a variety of languages such as: English, Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Hindi, Indonesian, Nepali and Thai where you can discuss your career goals and career path.
・Lectures and presentations from a variety of professionals and companies designed to aid you in attaining your dream job in Japan
・The opportunity to meet with our highly trained Pasona Global staff face-to-face about anything you want to know about finding a job in Japan.
For Reminders and updates about the JOB-Haku you can check our Facebook page and RSVP on the events page HERE:
As I'm sure you are all aware, finding a job in Japan is a very difficult affair (especially if you're looking for something outside of Eikaiwas and Schools), these JOB-Hakus are a fantastic way to speak directly to recruiters and managers from a variety of industries such as; Banking, Beauty, Travel, Hospitality, Retail and many more (Some hire on the day! All of them give you an opportunity to apply for an interview). I cannot stress what a unique and advantageous opportunity this is in pursuing your dream job here in Japan after graduation.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask me from the email below.
For all the information about the JOB-Haku and our company please check here:
Sorry for the long description and I look forward to seeing those who can make it to the events! I hope we can work together to attain your desired job in Japan!

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