GaijinPot Jobs

GaijinPot Jobs

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Number of Employees
Year Founded
Specialized Industries
- Production and management of websites providing Japan and related news and lifestyle information to foreigners
- Advertising and promotions using the company’s websites and other owned media
- Planning, development, sales and maintenance of multilingual marketing solutions
- Employment and recruiting information services
- Real estate information services
- Personnel recruiting
- Planning and production of magazines, brochures and other printed publications
- Planning production and management of seminars and other events
- Planning, production, and sales of cloud services, mobile apps, videos and other contents
- Planning, production, and implementation of social media promotions and campaigns


Carrying our vision of Building International Japan, GPlusMedia, the operator of GaijinPot Jobs, provides internet platforms for people and businesses to communicate and share across languages and cultures in Japan.
Established back in 1999, our first website quickly grew to become the number one source of information for foreigners coming to Japan as well as the reference for Japanese companies keen to reach the foreign community.

Now, through a strategic website portfolio and selected partnerships, our company reaches a broad community of individuals connected to Japan on different levels from the first-time traveler to the established bilingual professional.

Our leading position results from our striving to create, adapt and innovate community websites that are effective for both our users and clients.

Why work for us

GPlusMedia - A Gakken Holdings Group Company

Your Digital Media Partner In Japan

Through a strategic website portfolio and selected partnerships, we reach a broad community of individuals connected to Japan from the first-time traveler to the established bilingual professional.

GaijinPot - Your Entry to Japan.
Japan Today - Breaking news from Japan with user discussion.
Savyy Tokyo - Your guide to all that’s cool and happening in the world’s greatest city.
CareerEngine - Career and networking site dedicated to internationally-minded professionals.
Real Estate Japan - Japan’s No.1 international property site. | | |

GPlus Media is a full-service solutions provider for companies interested in expanding their business in Japan targeting the English speaking market.

We deliver news and information to people who want to know more about Japan, We provide more international exchanges with internationally minded Japanese, We build platforms and services to help businesses in Japan interested in going global.

Available Positions

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