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May 26, 2022




Earn a Master's degree in TESOL. Offered at Temple University, Japan Campus, Tokyo / Osaka centers. click for details.

Berkeley House Language Center  (バークレーハウス語学センター)2022 Summer Camp Teachers - Kanto Area*

Company: Berkeley House Language Center (バークレーハウス語学センター)
Salary: ¥3,000 ~ ¥3,000 / Hour, For whole-day camps: 15,000JPY/Day
Location: Japan, Tokyo, 市ヶ谷

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International Education Services (インターナショナル エジュケーション サービス株式会社)Part-time Dutch Instructor (Business)*

Company: International Education Services (インターナショナル エジュケーション サービス株式会社)
Salary: ¥3,500 / Hour, Plus Transportation
Location: Japan, Tokyo

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Full-Time English Teacher *

Company: HOKKAIDO TSUSHIN TOKKI Inc. 株式会社北海道通信特機
Salary: ¥251,000 / Month, Negotiable
Location: Japan, Kanagawa

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Laurus International School of ScienceFull Time Preschool/ Kindergarten Nursery Teacher*

Company: Laurus International School of Science
Salary: ¥200,000 ~ ¥250,000 / Month, Negotiable
Location: Japan, Tokyo

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Altia Central (株式会社 アルティアセントラル)Energetic Public School ALT in Japan – Overseas Applicants

Company: Altia Central (株式会社 アルティアセントラル)
Salary: ¥240,000 ~ ¥240,000 / Month
Location: Japan, Aichi

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Project GENIUS Private J&S High School’s English Teacher in Yachiyo, Chiba*

Company: Project GENIUS
Salary: ¥280,000 ~ ¥280,000 / Month, This is a Japanese school year based renewable contract and transportation expenses are fully compensated.
Location: Japan, Chiba, Yachiyo / Katsutadai / Tsudanuma

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English Teacher for Children*

Company: 岡村ゼミナール株式会社
Salary: ¥2,000 ~ ¥3,000 / Hour
Location: Japan, Hyogo, 高砂市

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Kinder Kids International Preschool (キンダーキッズインターナショナル)Educational TV Show Presenter*

Company: Kinder Kids International Preschool (キンダーキッズインターナショナル)
Salary: ¥200,000 ~ ¥300,000 / Month
Location: Japan, Osaka, Tennoji

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FEN Foreign Academy (FEN外語学院)Native English Teacher -- Eikaiwa Full Time *

Company: FEN Foreign Academy (FEN外語学院)
Salary: ¥250,000 ~ ¥300,000 / Month, Negotiable
Location: Japan, Saitama, Asaka

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GPlusMedia Inc. / 株式会社ジープラスメディアFull-Time English-Language Writer/Editor/Content Person*

Company: GPlusMedia Inc. / 株式会社ジープラスメディア
Salary: ¥250,000 / Month, Negotiable
Location: Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku

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Hinomaru Taxi | 日の丸交通株式会社Bilingual Taxi Driver (High Pay + Flexible Hours) -- Try something new!*

Company: Hinomaru Taxi | 日の丸交通株式会社
Salary: ¥180,000 ~ ¥700,000 / Month, Commission Based, Income Average between 360,000 /month to 600,000 /month counting Base Salary + Commissions
Location: Japan, Tokyo

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Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. (株式会社興学社)<From Jun-Sep 2022>English Conversation School Teacher for Kids -Kanto-*

Company: Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. (株式会社興学社)
Salary: ¥260,000 ~ ¥283,000 / Month, Encouragement of Japanese Learning, Every month fixed
Location: Japan, Kanto, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama

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AUTOBACS SEVEN CO., LTD. (株式会社オートバックスセブン)Overseas Sales*

Company: AUTOBACS SEVEN CO., LTD. (株式会社オートバックスセブン)
Salary: ¥5.0M / Year
Location: Japan, Tokyo, Koto-Ku

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Sharing Together English(STE)English Teacher*

Company: Sharing Together English(STE)
Salary: ¥230,000 ~ ¥270,000 / Month
Location: Japan, Shiga, Kusatsu

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RCS (RCSコーポレーション)ALTs needed to start from Term 2 (late August) - various locations*

Company: RCS (RCSコーポレーション)
Salary: ¥200,000 ~ ¥225,000 / Month
Location: Japan, Saitama, さいたま市

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株式会社FunkitEnglish and French teachers*

Company: 株式会社Funkit
Salary: ¥1,400 ~ ¥1,900 / Hour
Location: Japan, Aichi, 名古屋市

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Kansai International Academy (関西国際学園)International School Specialist teacher (visual arts, drama, ICT, PE..etc)*

Company: Kansai International Academy (関西国際学園)
Salary: ¥306,000 / Month, Teaching experience at PYP schools will be taken into consideration, additional amount for a valid teaching certificate in your home country
Location: Japan, Hyogo, Kobe

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BEFAIR ビーフェア株式会社English Teacher at Nursery - Kyoto and Shiga Area*

Company: BEFAIR ビーフェア株式会社
Salary: ¥220,000 ~ ¥240,000 / Month
Location: Japan, Kyoto, Kyoto area and Shiga area

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Gaba Corporation (株式会社 GABA)1-to-1 English Instructor (applicants outside Japan)

Company: Gaba Corporation (株式会社 GABA)
Salary: Amount not specified, 40-minute lesson rates from ¥1500 ~ ¥2200
Location: Japan, Tokyo, Tokyo,Osaka, Nagoya

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株式会社 JstyleEnglish Teaching Position*

Company: 株式会社 Jstyle
Salary: ¥230,000 ~ ¥300,000 / Month
Location: Japan, Tokyo, 新宿区新宿

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株式会社CDeKid's Sports Club Teacher | 英語で運動!キッズスポーツクラブの講師!*

Company: 株式会社CDe
Salary: ¥3,000 ~ ¥5,000 / Lesson
Location: Japan, Tokyo

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British Hills Co., Ltd. (株式会社ブリティッシュ・ヒルズ)Teach English at Japan's leading English immersion village.*

Company: British Hills Co., Ltd. (株式会社ブリティッシュ・ヒルズ)
Salary: ¥300,000 / Month
Location: Japan, Fukushima, Tenei Village

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*Applicant must currently be in Japan



Advertising / PR / Marketing
Aerospace / Aviation
Architecture / Building / Construction
Arts / Entertainment / Recreation
Charity / Social Services / NPO
Chemical / Plastic / Paper
Clothing / Garment / Textile / Fashion
Consulting / Business Analysis
Education / Teaching
Electronics / Electrical Equipment
Energy / Utility / Waste Management
Finance & Banking
Food and Beverage
Health Care & Beauty Care
Human Resources / Recruitment
Industrial Machinery
Information Technology
Interior Design / Graphic Design
Legal Services
Life Sciences
Logistics / Transportation
Media / Publishing / Printing
Medical / Pharmaceutical
Real Estate
Service Industry
Tourism / Travel / Hospitality
Translation / Interpretation
Wholesale / Retail


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