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Talent Acquisition Assitance

Talent Acquisition Assistance is a complement of RPO solutions designed to meet the dynamic and varying strategic needs of our clients. Talent Acquisition Assistance is a hands-on candidate acquisition, screening and introduction service.


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Hire Right, Hire Efficiently

This service is ideal for companies that may not have the time, experience or language proficiency to carry out the very time consuming task of candidate search and selection.

Our TAA team will proactively search and source candidates based on your criteria, short-list of qualified candidates and provide pre-screening interview to provide you with only the most suitable candidates for you to interview and hire!.

Leave the search to the experts so you concentrate on meeting only those candidates who are a true fit for the position.

Take the worry and effort out of hiring with our Talent Acquisition assistance.


Talent Acquisition Assitance
Steps include

  1. Search Strategy

    Job Description creation, Position refinement, Translation Assistance (J-E / E-J)
  2. Promotion

    Multi-channel media promotion (Gaijinpot / JapanToday / Savvy, third party job boards), Managed social media push (Facebook / Linkedin / twitter)
  3. Targeted Sourcing Internal

    Using the G+ network, compiled over 15 years, have access to our skilled candidates databases Channel sourcing using third party job networks
  4. Candidate Pipeline Developement

    We will develop and maintain your core talent pipeline with our custom CMS
  5. Screening & Assessment

    Our team will conduct detailed examination of the applicant's, pre-screening our databases before inviting them to apply and initial screening for active applications
  6. Interview (1st Round)

    Prior to interview of suitable applicants we will qualify applicants based on their preferences and acceptance criteria - Initial screening designed to minimize ineligible applications
  7. Selection

    Employment viability discussion with client


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Office hours are between
9:00 ~ 18:00 Monday to Friday
(Closed National Holidays)
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