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BORDERLINK, INC. was founded in 2000. It began with the desire and under the premise of building a world where children can have positive and inspiring lives. Here we are a decade or so later, with global waves in full motion, pushing full speed ahead.

We believe it is important that Japanese people interact with those outside of Japan, surpass borders, co-exist, and co-prosper on a global scale. As we have almost reached this point, we want our children to acquire the power to accept change and live optimistically in a new world. We want to be agents of change that support this transformation.

For this to happen, we must continue to adapt and develop. The boards of education, schools, and educators who hold high expectations for Borderlink and choose Borderlink, are agents of change themselves. In order for children to experience a bright future, we do not fear change. Rather, we accept it, and as true agents of change, fully devote ourselves to our work.

Why work for us

At Borderlink, we are in the business of English education in Japan. It is our goal to empower our Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) to strive to be all they can be, so that all their students can feel happy and confident about communicating in English. We achieve this goal by focusing on culture, support, and growth.

As an ALT it is important that you share your country’s culture with your students. It is also just as important that you are able to experience the unique culture that is in Japanese schools. This is a great opportunity to not only teach your students about the greater world, but to also learn about your new home country.

We believe that the best teachers are those that have a solid base of support. We support our ALTs in such matters as training, lesson feedback, visa sponsorship and 24 hour emergency support.

Borderlink is a quickly growing company that is looking for dedicated and talented teachers who would like to grow together. For those who would like to move from being an ALT to a trainer to even HR, that is possible. We support those people who want to become a long-term part of our team.

Jobs with Borderlink, Inc.
Borderlink is currently looking for creative, outgoing, professional, and flexible individuals with a genuine interest in Japan, to work as ALTs at Japanese public elementary, junior high and high schools around Japan.

Below is a brief description of the position so that you can start to visualize what your role would be. Please read on to get an idea of what we offer at Borderlink, Inc.

ALTs assist Japanese teachers of English deliver lessons in the classroom, are involved in lesson planning and other language teaching tasks. Other duties include being a part of school club activities and other school events (sports days, culture festivals, and music competitions), speech contest coaching, as well as undertaking tasks not directly related to teaching.

In Japan, teachers will clean the schools with the students and also eat lunch with them. ALTs are expected to join in on such activities while interacting with the students as much as possible. Traditionally, English instruction at Japanese schools consists of mostly English grammar and translation, so many students have no opportunity to listen to or speak in English. This is where you come in; talking and laughing with the students not only in English class, but in the hallways, on the sports field, and anywhere else in between. It is an ALTs role to make English fun and “real” for the students. You will have the opportunity to give the students an insight that they could never obtain just from the textbook. This can be as simple as taking 5 minutes in class to talk about holidays or school life in your home country.

Thank you for your interest in Borderlink. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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