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creation and distribution of designer eyewear


theo eyewear is a family business with roots in Antwerp, Belgium and seeds all over the world. Our story started almost 30 years ago when 2 crazy opticians pursued their dream to make frames for their own shops. Not long after an international crowd of likeminded opticians joined and started carrying the brand in their shops. Today there are 1200 optical boutiques that represent our collection. This means nowadays fans from all continents can get their favourite frames at an optical shop close to home. The world has become our playground. theo is fun, innovative and creative. Since the beginning our mission is to put a smile on our customers’ faces. We like happy people. That’s why we swear by our slogan ‘theo loves you'.

Why work for us

Looking back isn’t theo’s style. The Belgian brand pursues its own independent course – straight ahead. Innovating in design, technique and materials is a source of pride to theo. To maintain its ability to surprise, theo’s inhouse design team regularly works with other creative talent. Belgian designer James Van Vossel and fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen are already like family to us, but theo isn’t averse to foreign collaboration either. A collection together with Matali Crasset from Paris turned out to be spot on. theo likes to dazzle. Passion is the driving force and creativity the yardstick. But maybe the most important ingredients for this brand are humour and enjoyment. And that really comes across: theo wants to make people happy. Bringing a smile to someone’s face means mission accomplished! ‘theo loves you’ is an ambitious slogan that’s a daily reminder of how important the wearer is. Which is why theo doesn’t use any ostentatious logos. A whole team of men and women works every day to ensure that theo is worthy of your confidence. The three sons of Wim Somers, theo’s founder, are now at the helm. It was Wim who, together with fellow-optician Patrick Hoet, created theo. Mik, Jan and Toon are seeing to it that theo is sticking to its distinctive course, with Antwerp as its starting point but its gaze directed towards the horizon.

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