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STH Japan is the leading provider of sports hospitality and premium spectator experiences in Japan. We are the exclusive provider of sports hospitality for Rugby World Cup 2019.
STH Japan is a joint venture between JTB and STH Group. This business will establish a new spectating style at sporting events in Japan and contribute to the growth and development of the sports business market in Japan

Why work for us

We are a premium spectator experience business, with unparalleled expertise. We provide exclusive access to events featuring extraordinary athletes competing at the very highest level of their sport.
We ensure spectators can completely immerse themselves in the passion and drama of the occasion and enjoy a shared experience they will remember for a lifetime. We know that it is the sports event itself that a customer buys into, so we ensure that everything we do adds value to your brand while delivering a remarkable and memorable experience for the spectator.
Our services are designed to ensure your event achieves and exceeds its business goals by delivering a world class spectator experience at the very heart of the action.
With unrivalled experience in the sports hospitality market and an extensive global database of more than 100,000 blue chip clients and high net worth individuals, we know how to promote your event to precisely the right audience.

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