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We provide an environment for children to speak English naturally. Parents feel confident sending their children here (we have a richly experienced 38-year history as an accredited nursery school and sisterhood) knowing their children will have a well-rounded experience (our curriculum includes art, music, ballet, and gymnastics lessons). It can be used as an international nursery school! (activities at the school's opening, breaks throughout the year, and yearly activities: complete with Sports Day and Presentation Day.) We provide far more hours of English instruction than other international schools, so children can acquire the language naturally.

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In addition to English, we prepare our students for further education, and work together with the students' legal guardians to raise socially engaged and independent children. Using a three-pillar approach with English tailored to the children's skills, we aim to expand the children's international awareness and creative thinking. "Foster self-motivated engagement", "Improve English communication, which will allow them to spread their wings in international society", and "Instill an ability to see things through a global perspective via direct interaction with foreign teachers, cultures, and customs" - these are our pillars. We are looking for staff members that will bring out the infinite potential in our students. We hope to hear from you soon.

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