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PlusKids International school is a preschool that gives the highest priority to infant English education in Tama-shi, Tokyo.
We are looking for teachers who are passionate about teaching English and love to spend time with lovely children !

Why work for us

What is the best way to educate kids in this global world ?
You must face the issue if you are involved in the educational industry.

In Japan English language skills are becoming essential in terms of communication not only in business world but also in preschool education while increasing globalization.
By mastering English that is used as the official language the most in the world, kids will put their hands on the power that encourage them to open the door to the world.

Infancy is the most significant time to learn language.
Spending time with native English teachers and using English most of the day in childhood improve their English skills remarkably.

Pluskids international school provides you with high quality environment for learning English and foster bilingual kids who will be successful internationally.

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